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Tested and Proven Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

Digital marketing is very important for every business. Entrepreneurs and business owners must take advantage of this space until it’s not late. Over the years, billions of dollars are invested in this space and it’s getting crowded. It’s better to invest and focus on digital marketing (including YouTube video promotion, Instagram photo advertising, Facebook growth hacking, etc.)

TikTok and other video apps

When creating a post or video, do cross-posting to other sites. This way you can increase your reach and claim your Instagram account on other platforms. I highly recommend paying attention to TikTok. This site has shown very rapid growth in recent years and you can still promote there for free.

I also recommend posting your content on Youtube, Snapchat and other social networks. This will help you to increase your reach for free, and therefore the number of subscribers.

Joint live broadcasts

Regardless of the number of subscribers, pay attention to joint live broadcasts. As co-hosts, choose people whose accounts are more popular than yours. It is important that the channel directions are similar or close to your blog. This way you can make yourself known and attract new audiences.

For live broadcasts, it is necessary to choose a topic of conversation in advance, as well as discuss all the nuances of the broadcast. Try to choose topics that you are well versed in and an expert on. It is enough to broadcast live with interesting Instagram persons once a week.

Marathons – unique trend

A marathon is a method of promotion, when several experts with similar topics gather in a kind of collaboration: they create a common account, invite their subscribers to subscribe and give the audience something useful within the framework of the marathon.

Running marathons increases and sells your expertise, which means it makes your brand more recognizable and increases trust.

The advantage of marathons is that they attract a large number of subscribers at a low cost. Be sure to include expert opinions in the program, invite guests who can teach viewers useful things. Advertising costs for a marathon are usually split among all the speakers.

Mutual PR

The easiest way to promote your blog. Mutual PR with the same beginner Instagram account will help increase the number of subscribers. You mention a blogger in a story or post, and he, in turn, also recommends your account and you exchange an audience. It is advisable to choose accounts with related or similar topics as yours in order to increase the percentage of interested audience.

Commenting – old trend

A good way to get your first 1000 subscribers for free. The method will help you to declare yourself on the pages of other users. Make a list of bloggers that your target audience follows and who have good engagement in their posts. Select the topic that interests you and leave comments under the posts.

The more often you write, the more interesting your opinions are, the more people will go to your profile and subscribe. Remember to comment on a regular basis. It is also not recommended to offend the authors of the account, other users in order to avoid a ban, as well as create a negative image.


Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to promote without financial investment. They help users quickly find posts that match one topic, and therefore, using correctly selected hashtags, you can increase the reach of your posts.

The smaller your profile, the lower-frequency queries you need to use. To select a hashtag, enter a keyword in the search box and Instagram will show the frequency of the request. The number of hashtags can be up to 30. You can post it in a post or in the comments. The second option is preferable.