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Amazing Things you Didn’t Know About Snus

Probably you have heard of snus, but you don’t know exactly what it is. It is a type of smokeless tobacco that a user places under the lip. Having said that, you don’t need to chew this miniature leaf-stuffed pillow. The stuff is sold pre-packed in small sachets that look like a tea bag.

For someone living outside the boundaries of Sweden, it can be a lot harder to get ahold of this product. However, SnusDirect – one of the most reputable snus retailers – ships globally and asserts that snus contains ground tobacco and salt. It may also contain certain food-grade smoke aroma flavorings including juniper, citrus, herb, bergamot, and floral flavors. In most cases, Scandinavian snus is made in Sweden, where it’s regulated as food in accordance with the Swedish Food Act. Note that the nicotine content found in snus varies depending on brand.

Here are amazing facts about snus you didn’t know.

1.First things first; thank Sweden for this invention

Have you ever heard about Sweden’s New World Colony? It existed in the mid-Atlantic, covering some areas in Delaware and Jersey. However, it was short-lived, and admit it, you never knew this happened.

Tobacco started to enter Sweden from New Sweden in the 17th century. However, while avoiding English and French merchants, tobacco was an expensive commodity for Swedes to snuff or smoke. So, a new ‘version’ of tobacco mixed with water and salt was invented to cater to the increasing demand for tobacco in Sweden.

As you might understand, the very product of snus isn’t a new thing. However, today its popularity has come to grow worldwide. In matter of fact, Swedish snus has actually started to appear on American shelves as well.

2.Is it different from tobacco?

As mentioned earlier, snus is smokeless tobacco. Unlike all other types of smokeless tobacco, Swedish snus doesn’t undergo a fermentation process. Instead, it is pasteurized, and this inhibits the growth of bacteria that help in the formation of tobacco-specific nitrosamines – one of the groups of carcinogens in various tobacco products.

According to the Swedish Food Act, snus fulfills the criteria for being a product fit for human consumption. It’s considered a low-risk nicotine product that delivers desirable doses to its’ users. In Sweden and other countries where snus is legalized, it has contributed to a significant decrease in smoking.

3.How is it used?

A snus user places the small ‘pillow’ between his or her upper lip and gum. The nicotine (contained in the snus) is then released to the user’s saliva. The rate at which nicotine is released is impacted by your amount of saliva.

Other facts that you didn’t know about snus include;

  • It is pasteurized like milk. Snus is ground up and heated (while avoiding combustion) for about 24 hours to 36 hours.
  • A user of snus doesn’t have to spit. Thus, there is no gross small spit cup.
  • While dippers take a pinch of tobacco and tuck it behind their bottom lip, snus pillow is placed along the gum line under the user’s upper lip.
  • Snus is perfect when chilled. Therefore, you should keep it cool either at a Tame Impala concert or in the fridge.

According to experts, daily smoking in Sweden is gone down as the number of snus users increase. Now you know a thing or two about snus.