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15 Latest Men’s Fashion Trends to Follow in 2019

Fashion- this term seems relevant only to the female gender. There have always been limited choices in this sector for men to take a plunge in this world. In contrast to women’s fashion, men have nothing much to devote both in terms of time and money.

But do these lines hold good even today? With new brands pouring in every day in the market, it is difficult for men not to change their built-in perspective and give way to today’s realism. It’s true that people judge you by the clothes you adorn, and men are no exception now. Grooming oneself and following different styles is what is expected from men as well. So if you are still not comfortable with the whole concept of men’s fashion, here are some references you could use to help yourself appear your very best cause it is rightly said: “If you can’t be better than your competitor, just dress better.”

1. Linen Suits

Linen Suits
These generally are pale colored and are great to adorn on a summer party. They look cool and are comfortable. They also give a sophisticated feel and goes well even for beach summer parties. But yes, wrinkles are a point of concern for suits made from this fabric. So you need to be extra cautious about the cut and fittings when you think of using this fabric for your big day. Since wool can make you sweat, it is convenient to get the feeling of flax for summery days –the material by which linen is made. This fabric is less prone to dirt and stains and can be easily dry cleaned and ironed. There is nothing much to experiment on with these suits. Apart from the summer occasions, one can also wear this for a casual after-work Friday meets or low key business meeting.

One thing that is pivotal in wearing a linen suit is to stick on to the basics, that is, knowing when and how to wear them.

2. Printed Shirts

Printed Shirts
Printed shirts are exquisite pieces that can be an excellent choice to shop for as they can be worn at different places and can be teamed up with various bottoms. These shirts are absolutely a must-have for those who want to follow the fashion trends of 2019. They are vital pieces to fit in your wardrobe. From sophisticated designs to sporty, to floral prints, a printed shirt incorporated into your casual outfit can bring in a classy touch to your everyday wear. To see more options in printed shirt visit Jared Lang.

3. Straw Boater Hats

Straw Boater Hats
The last piece of the puzzle to fit in to complete the outfit or could it be the starting ensemble? Hats can have a potential to achieve a look or moreover move your attire into a totally different arena. Hats basically are used to evade oneself from the scorching heat, or it can also be added to indicate a particular type of dress code that needs to be maintained. This summer wedding, a straw boated hat with a ribbon around it will go well with a floral design. These straw hats have a stiff brim and can also be used for summer picnic or outings in the sunshine. Believe me, these hats are back.

4. Leather Clutch Bags

Leather Clutch Bags
The men’s handbag has made a complete revolution in the fashion industry.2019 will see a great fashion shift, and it is highly recommended to make these clutch bags a part of the fashion trends. It signifies your style statement and ushers inconvenience in a modern man’s lifestyle. They are great for meetings, keeping your stuff in a sorted manner. Some still feel that a lot of feminism is attached to the clutch bags and refrain from using it. It still is a fashion statement for men to clutch on to!

5. Pastel Color

Pastel Color
2019 will see pastel colors, and with the advent of spring, these shades will be all around for the men to embrace. These softer shades are surprisingly convenient to wear. It is adventurous cause you can just go with the customary look or can opt for few bolder choices. If you are still not particular about the color, you can team it up with something that neutralizes its effect. One should though be careful not to wear too many pastel pieces in a particular outfit cause this can give a very flat effect. They act as good alternatives from the natural rainbow colours, going well with various skin types and trends.

6. Brown Leather Loafers

Brown Leather Loafers
These are the ultimate style statement to be looked up to in 2019. If convenience and comfort with elegance is all you are looking for, a pair of brown leather loafer should be a must-have. It’s been ruling the style game for quite a long time now and are great slip-ons devoid of laces or even buckles. Brown leather loafers this year will find a place in men’s wardrobe cause it gives a classy touch. Brown can also be paired with shades of navy blue and green depending on one’s choice.

7. 90s Style

90s Style
Past holds a lot of ideas in store for the world of fashion. This year the 90s decade will be followed by designers all over the world. The 90s had seen a lot of fashion trends that are ready for a comeback. That era saw the coming of more leisurely outfits with oversized casual dressing. This could also be seen in the current year. Hats that were worn by rappers of the 90s will be in great numbers this year with brands flaunting their logos on them. Dungarees and biker jackets of yesteryears will also make its way in 2019. Cargo pants and baggy jeans of the past will be the current fashion symbol. Ripped jeans that showcased that decade is back with a subtle touch. Graphic tees with colorful prints in the front, a piece from the 90s will also be quite a rage for today’s generation.

8. Driving Gloves

Driving Gloves
A good pair of driving gloves will hold a place in men’s fashion world in 2019. One need not be a car geek to possess a good pair of this accessory. It could work wonders for that bad-boy look or simply help you with a great grip behind the wheel. Though these may be branded more as a luxury item than a necessity, they are extremely stylish.

9. Statement Rings

Statement Rings
Men generally tend to shy away from wearing rings as most of them feel that it is very flashy or feminine. But 2019 will have a different tale to tell. These could either be plain bands or have some symbolic references. Rings on men’s fingers definitely make a solid statement in its very first look.

10. All White

All White
The most significant fashion trends this year requires a lot of fashion sense to pull it off. Yes, the all whites if worn tactfully can work on your side or otherwise things can go terribly wrong. Despite the chances of failing to impress, this is one of the best men’s style one should be ready to take and will definitely make heads turn. A white t-shirt worn with matching shorts and light colored sneakers is the upcoming trend men need to look forward to.

11. Short Shorts

Short Shorts
Men’s wardrobe is incomplete without a good pair of comfy shorts. 2019 will see this apparel in such a unique fashion which would be an amalgamation of both retro and modern level. There are aqua shorts for summer days. Then some shorts can be accompanied with dark glasses as well as a Hawaiian shirt. Throw your imagination, and you will be wearing shorts in various patterns that are very well placed in the fashion world for the upcoming year.

12. Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees
Summers will see fashionable graphic tees on the rise this year. Graphic tees could be plain and simple or loud and at times nonsensical. It’s just for men to choose their style type. Major fashion houses have elevated the simple looking tees to greater heights. 2019 will see a lot of these kinds namely band t-shirts, logo t-shirts, bootleg t-shirts, reverse printed or allover printed t-shirts. So just dive in the latest fashion trends and select your type.

13. Vintage Watches

Vintage Watches
This is one fashion statement that men will find difficult to avoid. These retro-styled watches are classy and sleek and back in fashion. They are basically small sized with leather straps. It can be worn with both formal and friendly attires. These old-school type watches are definite to make heads turn.

14. Corduroy

The corduroy has etched its name in the latest fashion world of men. It all began in the seventies and since then it has come a long way.2019 will see it coming in various forms but has to be well- fitted. Corduroy shirts, suits, trousers, caps, overcoats or even jackets are all in this year and men can opt for a casual or formal look depending on the individual’s mood.

15. Velvet And Velour

Velvet And Velour
In spite of not being a trendy fabric, these have become quite popular and have entered the mainstream fashion world of men in 2019. Adidas and other sportswear brands have made tracksuits with these soft materials. These fabrics are frequently out of fashion, but currently, it is one of the latest fashion trends for men to use in their outfits.

Thus we see as men’s wear becomes extremely wide-ranged and diversified, rich and classy, innovative but still traditional it eventually sums up to these lines- “Fashion is a playground until a certain age. But then you have to find your own signature and your own style.”