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The Best Door Locks for your House Safety

Ignoring the locks of your house is very dangerous as it can cost you millions of losses. Locksmiths certainly play an important role that no one should ignore. They play a very specific role when it comes to making the locks for our various uses with the help of their skills and specializations. Locksmiths are trained in manufacturing the products for both commercial and residential locksmiths in Roswell. Whatever locking system you want, you need to know about the guide of choosing the best locks for the doors of your house.

Types of locks

Mortise Locks

A lock fixed to a door’s edge is known as a Mortise lock.

Mortise locks are present in a deadlock version, and they are more secure than their counterparts.

These locks are placed in the frame of the door and are very harder to access and manipulate. The lock has a thumb turn in the inside, which makes it very simpler to lock and unlock.

Rim Locks

These locks are also fitted into the side of the door and hence, are known as rim locks. You can find them in different shapes, styles, and also as per different security levels. They are divided into two categories, such as rim deadlocks and night latches.

Deadbolt Locks

This type of lock can be opened only with a key or knob and cannot be easily broken. They resist the forced entry into the house and offer good security to the house. There are three types of deadbolt locks such as:

  • Double cylinder deadbolts are activated by inserting the key from both sides. They can be used only when there is a breakable glass near the knob.
  • Single cylinder deadbolt is a simple lock that can be opened from a single side only with the help of a key. There is a thumb piece on the interiors which can help in this.
  • Keyless cylinder deadbolt is the most easily operated since they use the password and fingerprint scan methods for the functioning.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are amongst the best security systems for every home. These smart locks add a lot of style to the house. The locks are designed to work with voice assistants and are also installed with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The smart locks allow you to remotely access the locks and even control other devices in your house. This latest smart lock will upgrade you both in terms of security and technology.

Furniture Locks

The locks used for items such as cabinets, desks, and sliding doors are made up of furniture locks. They come in two of the most popular styles, which are in the bolt and push-button style. In the bolt style lock, the piece of flat material is inserted sideways into the lock. The most common places where you can easily find these locks are the cabinets and drawers. Furniture locks in the push-button style consist rod that passes through the back of the lock. Unlocking the lock helps in retracting the rod back into the lock’s main body.

Doorknob Locks

The most common type of door lock that you will see in homes, particularly indoor doors, including bathrooms and bedrooms, are doorknob locks. They are one of the best ways that can be added to the front door, in combination with a deadbolt lock. The locking mechanism for doorknob locks is inside the doorknob. Such locks have knobs on either side of the door or may have a single or double key. All of this depends on whether or not you want to lock the door from the inside.

Chain Lock

These locks are attached to the door like the barrel bolt and a main lock assembly on the door. Use the chain instead of the cylinder piece to lock the door. The idea of a chain lock is to help you in opening the door slightly. A person will not be able to come inside the door until the chain is released. This will then allow you to open the door.

Child-proof Locks

Child-proof locks, or safety locks, are another form of lock that you can be used on different types of doors inside the house. These are not just for protection, but mostly for the safety of the younger ones.

The locksmith supplies all of the above mentioned different types of locks. You only need to search the best locksmith for providing the best security to your home. Get in touch with the top locksmith in Marietta to make sure that your places are safe and secure. The Top Atlanta Locksmith is the one-stop destination where you can find an entire range of reliable locks. One can also get many discounts and offers on their purchase if they are regular customers. They provide 100% authentic locks that come with brand warranty.

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