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Diversity Makes its Way into Social Gaming

We love following the evolution of different technologies, and social gaming is one of the more unique and captivating corners to watch. In recent years, we were able to see casino games advance in terms of game economy, design, storytelling, and more. This is a very natural process that takes place following changes in gamers’ needs and character. With more age groups and backgrounds joining this group and enjoying slot games on a daily basis, the nature of the games themselves must adjust to fit their versatile preferences.

One fascinating change we’ve noticed has to do with the inclusive and diversified tone of social casino games. In an effort to send a welcoming message to all audiences and fight prejudice, apps of all types have made certain changes that are worth noting. Here are three interesting facts about social games and diversity. Yesgamers also have some amazing thing for you and you are definitely going to enjoy it. 

Keeping it neutral

Free casino games are meant for everyone. In order to make that very clear, many social games choose to use a tone of voice and language that do not address any gender in particular and remain completely gender neutral. This takes a little effort and a specific mindset from the app’s copywriters, but it is well worth is. Making every gamer feel right at home is an important goal.

Celebrating different cultures

Certain apps embrace different cultures for gamers to discover while playing their favorite slots. The app 88 Fortunes, for instance, has a distinctive Asian theme that is celebrated in the app’s design, messages, storytelling and more. Western gamers enter a beautiful world that is very different than their regular routine and are encouraged to learn about Asian holidays and traditions while spinning the slots. After all, massive rewards are a great way of getting people to keep an ope
n mind.

Everyone’s welcome

The most important message casino apps can send players is that is doesn’t matter who you are, only how you play. The apps manage to connect so many audiences by offering something everyone loves and removing all barriers and boundaries. This step has more to do with what the apps does not include, which is a long list of assumptions regarding its users. By understanding that the gamer’s identity is no longer the focal point, companies can create games that transcend stereotypes and offer an inclusive gaming experience and environment.

Noticed any other diversity boosts in social gaming? Tell us all about it in the comment!