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What to Expect from Your Dental Crown Procedure?

In this post, I will be talking about the dental crown.

Many people are recommended undergoing the dental crown procedure by their dentist. If you are advised, do not worry, you are not alone.

There are plenty of people who are suggested, and they do get a dental crown.

You do not know about the dental crown? Wondering what you should expect from the procedure? continue reading the article to know more about the dental crown.

What is Dental Crown?

In simple words, a dental crown is a cap for your tooth. It has a shape just like your tooth. This is placed usually, for covering the tooth, improving its strength, enhancing the appearance, and restring the size and shape. The crown will cover the whole visible part of the teeth that is above the gum line.

Reasons You Need Dental Crowns

Dentist Fairbanks, AK states the following as some of the reasons for having dental crowns.

  • For holding a bridge in place.
  • For covering discolored or misshapen teeth.
  • It will protect the weak tooth preventing them from breaking. It can even be used for holding the cracked tooth together.
  • Covers dental implants.
  • It helps in restoring broken teeth or severely damaged teeth.

Types of Crowns Available

When it comes to the types of materials used for crowns, there is no limit. Crowns are made from metals, resin, ceramic, stainless steel, or porcelain-fused-to-metal.


For crowns, alloys are used that consist of a high content of platinum or gold. Base metal alloys are also used like nickel-chromium alloys, cobalt-chromium. This material is good for the crown because it can easily bear the chewing and biting forces. They will not break or chip easily.


This is one of the inexpensive options for dental crowns. This type of crown is prone to fracture and quick wear down.


They will match better with your tooth than other materials. It is perfect for people who have a metal allergy. All-ceramic can be used for both back and front teeth.

Stainless Steel

This type of crown is good for protecting the filling while the permanent crown is being made. This material is perfect for protecting your teeth from getting decayed. Mostly, this type of crown is perfect for kids. This is because when the primary tooth comes out, the crown comes out as well. It is a cost-effective option as multiple visits are not required.

Dental Crown Procedure

There are two types of dental crown procedures: same-day or multi-day procedure.

  • Generally, the procedure starts with identifying and opening the cavity.
  • Then, the tooth is trimmed which creates a base for placing the crown.
  • After that, a temporary crown is placed on the tooth. Later, it is replaced with a permanent one.

Same-day Procedure

In the same-day procedure of dental crown, there is no temporary crown placement.

  • On your visit, the dentist will take a picture of your mouth.
  • After that, the dental professional will create the crown in the office.
  • For this, you might have to wait for 1 or 2 hours.
  • When the crown is ready, they will place it into your mouth. The whole process might take up to 4 hours.

Since not all dentists offer this option, you must ask the dentist if this option is available. You must ask about the cost; the dentist will be able to give you an estimate.

Multi-day Procedure

For this procedure, you will have to visit the dental office twice.

  • On your initial visit, the dentist will examine your tooth and prepare it for the crown. The dentist might even take X-rays of your tooth.
  • Also, they might take a mold of your mouth.
  • Then, the dental professional will file down your tooth.
  • After that, they will remove the outer layer partially.
  • The dentist will make an impression of your surrounding and trimmed teeth.
  • To protect your tooth, the dentist will cover it with a temporary crown.
  • The impression of your teeth is sent to the lab for making the crown. This is why it might take a few weeks.
  • You will visit for the second time when the crown is made. Then, the dentist will cement the crown on your tooth.

How Long Will Dental Crowns Last?

Mostly, the dental crowns last for about 5 to 15 years, depending on the care.

Hence, a dental crown is a perfect dental treatment for having a beautiful and bright smile. The procedure is not painful at all though it might feel a little uncomfortable. For more information, book an appointment or call us.