Monday, April 19, 2021

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Bicycle Safety in Times of Poor Visibility

Although we are very close to summer, where the weather is milder than during the rest of the year, many cyclists must face the classic summer storms on their bikes, which can be quite frequent. These are just clouds that discharge a large amount of water in a short time. Still, they can be dangerous enough to cause an accident if we are on the road and there is no place nearby where we can protect ourselves.

Although we have already spoken on how to ride a bicycle when it rains, we are going to delve a little more about some of the issues that we should take into account if we are on the road and suddenly, there’s a storm or mist, and there is no place for us to shelter until it’s gone.

This kind of storm is unpredictable, and we can never know exactly when it will appear. The first thing to consider anyway is having adequate clothing to stay dry — a very important aspect because the wetter we are, the more intense the feeling of cold is. As a result, the higher the risk of catching strong flu.

Clothes and Accessories

We cannot always carry the special rain gear with us, but the good idea is to buy both the jersey and the neoprene pants so that we will be protected in case the rain suddenly appears. There are also helmets with rain protection — it is important to be able to count on some safety and have your head dry. That is one of the first body parts the cold reaches.

As for clothing, it is also advisable to use garments of bright colors so that we are visible under unfavorable weather conditions. As a complement, don’t forget about good glasses and a visor. Glasses should be orange or yellow as these colors dramatically increase contrast, especially when visibility is poor. The visors for the helmet are also recommended — they protect the glasses from splashes well, which will allow us to have a better vision of the road and the situation around.

Driving on Wet Road

When is a downpour, the wheels (like those of cars) lose adherence, and you need to pay close attention to road markings such as lines, arrows, pedestrian crossings, etc. Also, try to avoid sewers, cobblestones, and everything that could make you lose balance and make you fall to the ground.

Road curves are another aspect that must be considered when it rains, especially if we’re descending a slope. Even if we’re riding one of the best electric bike, reviewed by, if a small part of the wheel rides on a dry road when it rains, that small part is the only thing that saves us from a great fall, so it is advisable to enter a slope at a moderate speed to avoid injuries.

Brakes and Braking

The brakes must always be in their best possible condition. We should worry not only about their operation but rather about when they should be used. When it rains, although it may seem strange to many people, you have to stop the front wheel first, and there is a simple explanation for that.
At the time of braking, the weight is concentrated mainly in the front part, so it is normal that we stop the front wheel first — this way, we can skid and fall more safely. But you should never do it abruptly because the wheels will stop in their tracks, and after losing control of the bicycle, a falling is guaranteed.

The Chain

The greasing of the chain is important and can be done with specific products for both hot and high humidity climates. In the latter case, it is essential to use a higher density grease. However, it is also recommended to clean the chain well at least once a month and do it thoroughly before greasing it again.

Lights and Visibility

In the case of pouring rain, it is crucial to see well, so the use of lights is recommended for informing everyone around that you are cycling there. Here, LED lights play a significant role — they consume very little battery and have a high light capacity, so you can use them to put on the bike, or if you don’t want to touch anything, there are LEDs for bracelets, LED anklets, and even spotlights to install in the helmet.

It is crucial to always follow basic safety guidelines, especially when it rains, and you are on the road. We are sure these tips will come in handy for those who are giving your first pedaling in this world of road cycling.

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