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Leading Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents are unfortunately quite common worldwide, and most of them are a result of human error. Some are minor and only leave a few bruises or none and only damage the car, but others are horrible car crashes that lead to casualties. Driving in an unsafe manner not only puts you at risk but also other road users. It’s essential to follow all the traffic rules and drive carefully as much as possible.

However, just because you are a keen driver who follows all traffic guidelines, you can never control the other drivers. This often leads to a car accident that may not be your fault. You’ll need compensation, and this is where the services of a Philadelphia car accident lawyer come in handy. Don’t let the negligence of other drivers destroy your life when you could get all the protection you deserve. Make sure you read more on when you should get a car accident lawyer to give you an idea of what to do in the aftermath of the accident.

Below are some of the leading causes of accidents  that you should watch out for;

Distracted driving

When you hear of a car accident, the first thing that comes to mind is someone driving drunk, sped, or running a red light. However, in this age of technology and innovation, distracted driving is the leading cause of most accidents. It’s not uncommon to hear an accident occurred when the driver was on a call, texting or eating. Such cases put your life and other roadusers at risk.

Over speeding

Another leading cause of most car accidents is exceeding the speed limits. Some drivers get thrilled by the speed while others rush to get to various destinations. However, the faster you drive, the slower your reaction time. A small miscalculation or error can lead to a greasy road accident. That’s why it’s better to avoid speeding altogether.

Driving while incapacitated 

Most road accidents are caused by someone driving drunk or under the influence of other drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and other prescription drugs. Drowsiness makes it quite hard to drive carefully and puts you at risk. It’s never advisable to drive while intoxicated, so if you are, seek the help of a taxi or wait till you regain your sobriety.


If you didn’t know, rain is among the top causes of road accidents. When the road is quite wet, cars tend to lose their grip and slide across the surface, making the driver lose control and increase the likelihood of an accident. Proper car maintenance helps minimize most car-related accidents.

Reckless driving 

Responsibility is the main incentive to road safety, but you will never fail to see someone change lines too quickly, overspending, or being overly aggressive. Remaining calm and driving carefully can eliminate needless accidents

Before you drive, think of what your actions could lead to if you are not careful. Remember your loved ones, other road users with families at home, and your safety at large. When you consider all that, you will find it necessary to drive carefully. However, if you practice good driving and end up being a victim of driver’s negligence, never hesitate to hire an attorney to make sure your interests are protected.