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How to Travel With a Leather Jacket

If you’re a  frequent traveler or planning to travel in the new future then you should know how important it is to know some tips to take care of your apparels to save them from damage during your journey. If you’re traveling with a leather jacket, this is particularly important, as leather may damage when improperly handled or stored. With a little extra effort, you can arrive at your destination with your clothes in great condition, without wrinkles—saving you time from having to iron or steam them.

Here are some tips for you that you  may follow in your next trip with a leather jacket to protect it from damage.

1. Pack your jacket with care:

The best place in your suitcase to place a leather jacket is the top. Before putting your leather jacket in your suitcase make sure to have enough room for it. The best way to do so is to roll your other clothes instead of folding them. Take your shirts, pants and trousers, roll them after half folding and then place them in your suitcase. The last thing to go in the suitcase above all the other stuff has to be your leather jacket so that you may take it out first as soon as you get your destination.

2. Apply Leather Protectant And Conditioner:

If you’re a leather jacket enthusiast then you must know that a leather jacket is not just any other product but an investment. It is your timeless apparel that goes with everything whether ripped jeans and a t-shirt, an LBD or a button up shirt and trousers. So taking a little extra care of it has to be in your best interests.

Apply a leather protectant on your jacket to protect it from damage. These protectors come in spray bottles and are easily available in the market.

After you’re done applying the protector to your jacket, apply some conditioner as well. This will keep your jacket moisturized and keep it safe from drying out and crack-opening. 

3. Pack clothes that style perfectly with your jacket: 

Keeping a leather jacket with you while travelling is always a good idea since it is relevant everywhere. Be it a long haul flight, a dusty bike trip, a concert or the most chic nightclub in town, a leather jacket grabs attention everywhere without trying hard. It helps you blend in yet stand out!.

While packing other clothes make sure they match well with your jacket. This tip is specially for those who want to pack light yet have a new look everyday. Styling your leather jacket can fairly help you with that. The best part is that it will make you look trendy and chic all day, everyday.

4. Use Garment Bags:

Another way of keeping your leather jacket safe while travelling is to put it in a garment bag. This tip is for those who are not planning to wear their jacket a lot during their travel, so they might just put their jacket in a garment bag before putting it in the suitcase to keep it extra safe.

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If there’s one apparel that can be your ultimate travel companion it has to be a leather jacket. Since it is the perfect blend of trend and comfort both, goes well with almost all of your outfits and makes you look stylish, keeping it with you in your trips has to be a big yes. Like bomber jackets that are best known for being a comfortable wear if you want to travel in comfort. With that being said, knowing how to care for it during your travel also becomes a thing of interest for leather jacket lovers.