Sunday, April 18, 2021

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My Story about Finding Success in Betting

I always wanted to be successful in betting. Ever since I started to bet at the age of 18 I dreamt of hitting it big in sports betting and being a professional gambler.

Of course I did not succeed at such an early age. It took me 20 years to get there. 

I started chasing bets as every guy around there, trying to read patterns, team tables and form. This was of semi success as I had good periods and bad periods. At the end profits were not there and I knew I needed to change certain approaches.

Then came value betting. I tried to read a lot and learn all about this concept, together with mathematical aspects to the betting. This was one of the best decisions and has improved my betting by a lot. Still, I was missing on steady profits and could not call myself a professional.

At that time, tipster services were booming. I have decided to test some of them. It was hard to find a good betting advice service, and even when I had ‘struck gold’ and managed to find one, they had a huge following that would crash the odds as soon as they would be published. Also, some of them were very pricey.

My luck changed last year when I found a good betting service on InsideSport. They offer high quality free betting tips and you can check it here. On top of that most betting tips are advised for asian bookmakers with higher limits. Due to this taking bets with similar or close to similar posted odds is easy. 

It remains to see how they will be in the years to follow, but so far InsideSport has proved to be one of the best betting picks site out there. 

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