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Soak Up the Sun at The Jungle-Lined Beaches of Vietnam

Vietnam is located in the Southeast Asia and is highly frequented by backpackers and tourists throughout the year from across the globe. Vietnam has 3000km of coastline, waiting for it to be discovered. The powdery sand, countless coves, crystal clear water, breathtaking sunsets and tropical islands will sway you off your feet.

This Southeast Asian country is an ideal tourist destination for beachgoers. It is a perfect place for water sports. With endless list of beaches, you’ll run out of time to visit them all.

Some of the popular beaches in Vietnam are:

Nha Trang Beach

It is the biggest and the best tourist destination in the country. It is very well kept and offers a lot of water sports and other activities for the beachgoers. Some of the adventurous water sports that you can indulge in are wakeboarding, snorkelling, kite surfing and more.

Getting to Nha Trang Beach is quite simple. You can book train, flight or bus tickets from Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. You could also check the transport schedule on BookAway or any other reputed websites.

Mui Ne Beach

If you want to enjoy kite surfing and sand dunes, then this is the right beach for you. It is heaven for all the adventurous beachgoers. Mui Ne Beach has everything from paddle boarding, wakeboarding, sand boarding to quad biking that one can enjoy.

The easiest way to reach Mui Ne Beach is to take a train or bus. You could easily book your tickets as per your convenience and itinerary on BookAway.

Doc Let Beach

If you want to take a break from city life, then Doc Let Beach is ideal for you. This uncrowded beach is the prime spot for beach bumming. It has postcard perfect scenery and is a secluded paradise for many travellers. It has true island vibes, great for tourists who are looking for peaceful vacation to unwind from the daily busy life.

You could Book your ground the sea transportation to Doc Let Beach by visiting BookAway website. They are a popular domestic travel tickets company, and they offer services at reasonable prices.

Danang Beach

At Danang Beach, you could see the Kinh River flowing into the sea. It is stunningly beautiful with the river, soft beach and dense jungle. Here, you can enjoy surfing and scuba diving.

However, if you are not the in mood to do anything, then just relax and sunbathe under the crisp sunshine. The coast is lined with tall palm trees and pristine coral reefs. You can easily book your flight, bus or train tickets from Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi to Da Nang.

The An Bang Beach

This less tourist focused beach is perfect spot for soaking up the sun, and enjoy the romantic sunset in the evenings. You can laze around all day by the beach, sipping on the cocktails and bingeing on some of the local delicacies.

You can also explore the local markets and beautifully landscaped gardens. Since it is just 4km away from the Hoi An City, you can simply take a motorbike taxi to reach An Bang Beach.

Some of the other popular beaches that you can visit are Ho Coc Beach, Con Son Island, Long Beach, Star Beach, etc.