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Followers for sale: why you should be cautious with what you’re buying and where you’re buying it?

You might be sceptical about online promotion in general, and especially when it comes to paid options for TikTok. Why do you even need those if you can become popular in a blink of an eye? You only need to post quality content and communicate with your audience, aren’t you? Well, it was close to being true some time ago, but right now the competition amongst young and talented bloggers on TikTok is so high that new ones have almost zero chance of becoming successful — that’s where professional promoters’ help really comes in handy. In this article we’re going to tell you why a chance to buy tiktok followers should be perceived as an obligatory one and what important points you have to keep in mind while trying to promote your account. 

So, why should you be cautious with what exactly you’re buying for your profile? The answer is obvious yet some people don’t want to believe it: there are lots of scammers in the online promo industry. Agencies claim to sell high quality services, while actually they’re just exploiting bots and generally leaving their clients with nothing on their hands in the end. You should try to avoid these companies, yet sometimes it is quite hard to do, cause now they have quality websites, lots of bought reviews and comments and a manager to smooth everything out. But it is possible — most of the time these websites still have some kind of a glitch in their interface, they have kind of typical comments that look one like another and their manager answers’ take a pretty long time (or looks exactly like bot generated one). But why bot generated followers are bad at all, you might ask? 

TikTok 2

Well, first of all, all the social media websites that exist right now are trying very hard to cut off all the illegal and destabilizing machinery out of their system. Bots are generally just some empty pages that can give zero adequate feedback to real users and that are just littering the environment they’re in with useless tracks that cannot be interpreted in any way. Surely, these can blow your followers number up, but what’s the use? You’re killing all the social proof, you’re attracting the attention from the TikTok technicians and you’re making your account seem as fake as the bots that you’ve been using. You should get it and remember it as long as you’re trying to buy paid followers — you only need the real ones, and to have them you need to find a company that cooperates with actual TikTok users to provide their customers with quality services. 

Where do you buy these followers?

As we’ve said, you can check reviews and comments, you can look up promo companies ratings (still no warranty for honesty though) or you can skip these steps, save yourself lots of time and energy and proceed to working with Soclikes. We are the company that has been active on this market for way too long to not figure out how to keep each one of our clients satisfied. We have the widest range of options for each existing social media website, we have professional managers working for us and we never ever use bots. Yes, you’ve read that right — we create real services for real people by cooperating with real people. That’s how a decent business should be run. 

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Our clients get real followers for TikTok by purchasing a package that they find the most suitable for their account — our packs vary in sizes, and if you have a smaller account that has nothing to it right now we’d recommend you to take on a smaller pack of followers as well. try to make things look natural and you’ll reach results very quickly and at the same time you won’t kill the social proof that you’re slowly gaining by interacting with your audience. Let them see that you’re not using bots and illegal methods of promotion and they will love you, just trust our words. People right now are seeking bonds and experiences, not the hugest followers numbers that they can see online. That’s not impressive in 2020. 

Now you basically know everything you need to know about online promotion — it might seem tangled and hard from the first sight, yet it actually isn’t. We’d like you to remember all the things we’ve told you about TikTok algorithms and their dislikes for bots — use only real services that we offer and your account will always be stable and safe. If you want to make sure that we’re telling the truth you can always check our website for reviews and hit our managers in the chat on They will answer all your questions and problems asap and you won’t have to wait long for it — they’re active almost 24/7.