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A Complete Guide to Find The Right Robot Motor

Robots are basically mechanical devices that are equipped to perform various physical tasks. They make use of software-based intelligence to complete the tasks assigned to it.
There are different types of robots available, each of which has a different application. These robots are designed to suit their application. Their body, mechanical design, software, and electronics are all designed based on its use.

Selecting the right motor is not an easy task. There are various factors that need to be taken into account before you make your final decision. This includes the type of motor, how to control them and other details. If you need help on how to find proper motor then you can refer to this site.

Types of Motor

You can find various types of the motor in the industry. However, the main types of motors include:

AC motor

From the name itself you can figure out that it is driven by AC current. This type of motors is mainly used for heavy applications where high torque is required.

Brushed DC motor

This type of motors is known to use brushes to conduct current between the armature and the source. Brushed DC motor has the ability to provide three to four-time greater torque than their rated torque.

Geared DC motor

This is just an advanced version of brushed DC motors. This type of motor comes with their gear assembly attached to the motor.

Stepper motor

A stepper motor has the ability to divide the rotation into many steps. It rotates by a specific number of angular steps.

Servo motor

Servo motor is the ideal choice when you need rotational motion. This type of motor often finds their use in angle control applications and robotic arms.

Brushless motor

This type of motor is very much similar to brushed DC motor. But they are run by closed-loop controllers. Also, it requires SMPS or inverters for power supply.

Selecting a Motor

Other than choosing the right type, you also need to look into the following factors:

Actuated mass

You need to consider the mass of the rover or load to determine the torque for the motor.


Once you know the amount of torque or force you need, you can decide on the speed of the wheels.


Always remember, the higher the voltage you use, the higher is the speed of the motor.


Since your motor is enclosed, you need to make sure that it doesn’t get overheated.

Wheel diameter

Another important thing is the wheel diameter. This is important in order to determine the torque required for your motor.

So these are the main factors that you need to consider when selecting the right motor for your project. Now that you are aware of the deciding factors, it should be easier for you to select the motor.