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3 Best Top Essential Tech Gadgets You Can Buy 2019

If you insist on having the best gadget this year in your life, let money be no object. When you become prepared to splash the cash on the current top technology, make sure you get the finest gear you get in the market with discount codes. However, you are in the right place to learn what to pick that a 2019 market can offer.

So that I can help you overcome down the problem you get when researching for a superior tech set up, you can learn from the list with among the best gadgets available. They are what you can look.

It is not long since we arrived in 2019, but we already hear new cool gadgets that are on their way. However, welcome to a new shopping list:

1. Best Phone

Samsung Galaxy s9: In this year, Samsung Galaxy S9 is currently the best phone you can get in the market for numerous reasons. The manufacturer makes a bigger deal regarding the camera and therefore with a dual 12 MP cameras. Moreover, the cameras are also both impressive.

However, the phone has an “infinity” screen making it famous and with its big-screened beauty that comfortably takes a top spot. You might think that AR Emoji feature in this phone is overrated but when you go to the market looking for the best camera and screen, let Samsung Galaxy S9 be the phone for you. So go check out the latest samsung phones and buy into the hype, because it’s real.

2. Best Laptop

Huawei MacBook X Pro: The laptop is the best in the world. The manufacturer has not been concentrating on making laptops in a long time but knocked the market with this gorgeous MacBook X Pro laptop.

However, this beautifully designed laptop has a stunning screen and comes when packed with the cutting edge components making the laptop to performance brilliant and the battery life that can run rings around competing with its rivals. Besides, the laptop has a competitive price with features, performance, and design with less money.

3. Best TV

Samsung Q9FN QLED: It’s the best 65 inches that bounced back in style after an underwhelming debut. However, it was not a big surprise after Samsung threw back int kitchen sink to introduce this excellent gadget.

Despite having brighter and colorful look more than its old model, the current is using a different system of lighting when combating the predecessor’s contrast problems. It has a Full Array Local Dimming instead of edge-lit LED lighting. Its FALD panel is perfect and works in tandem with this Samsung QLED Quantum Dots that produces a brighter picture and also more colorful coming from South Korean manufacturer.

It’s not all these features that make Samsung Q9FN the best on the market. It also has high technology like Q HDR EliteMax and HDR10+ and therefore the best TV ever.

4. Best pocket size projector:

Piqo: Piqo is the world’s most powerful pocket size projector that is compact, durable and comes in intuitive design. It’s cinematic power, Hi-Fi speakers and 250-inch widescreen will give you unstoppable entertainment wherever you go. Besides, it is compatible with more than 3600 different apps, which means you can enjoy things your Netflix and other entertainment content.


In my recommendations, the above gadgets are a definitive guide of the best gadgets and new products. In the list, there are some picks in each category that you have ever tested. However, the dedicated guide is essential to have the best gadget you can purchase this year.