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2019 Style Trends to Look Out For

With a new year ahead of us, it’s time to look forward to what the fashion industry will bring over the next few months. Whether you’re not ready to let go of last year’s styles, or you’re hoping for something new, 2019’s fashion has something for everyone. So, if you’re in the wholesale clothing business, or simply just like to keep ahead of the curve, these are the best trends to invest in during 2019.

Beige is in

You may turn your nose up at beige, particularly with the colour having connotations of something being bland. However, this year beige is the colour of the moment. It is a colour that encompasses many different shades, including oatmeal, biscuit, off-white and even blush. Suddenly, beige isn’t quite so boring.

It’s one of the chicest colours on the spectrum, and can create a sophisticated, expensive look with minimal effort. Make note to utilise textures to deliver a look that is even more intriguing; faux leather, silk or linen can work wonders with the different shades of beige.

Try styling your new beige shades together in one outfit, or if you’re not brave enough, mix it up with pastel shades to tone it down a little.

80s neon

If you’re adamant that beige has no place in your fashion collection, then you may enjoy this next trend. Neon, in true 1980s style, is making a comeback. Adopt in any way you wish; from a small clutch bag to a party dress.

It might be a retro trend, but it’s a real example of fashion-forward thinking, with bold colours that ooze confidence and power; which, in today’s #MeToo generation, is welcomed with open arms. Think lime green, hot pink and even blue and orange to make a real impact.

Utility dressing

The utility trend is the perfect balance between function and fashion. A practical approach to effortless style, utility-inspired designs include the likes of boiler suits updated for the modern woman who’s always on the go.

It is the perfect one-step dressing, with a comfortable yet cool look. Take your utilitarian styles from day to night by opting for loose-fitting designs complete with a belt, in shades of khaki and brown. Easily worn with trainers or heels, it’s 2019’s answer to efficient fashion.

Look for features like patch pockets, cargo-style pants, zips and topstitching to really nail one of this year’s biggest trends.

Animal print

Last year was the year of leopard print, and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere for 2019. However, some new designs have jumped on the bandwagon, including a bigger influx of snake print, zebra print and tiger print. Giving you even more choice for your collection this year, animal print makes the perfect statement for any occasion.

Whether you’re going for the traditional colours of each animal print, or mixing it up with something different, it’s a fresh take on new season patterns to incorporate into your existing clothing collection.


Every women’s clothing collection should include some kind of tailoring for those occasions where a smart appearance is necessary. Neo-tailoring takes advantage of a modern approach to suiting up, with a more relaxed silhouette that is softer than a structured suit.

Trousers, shirts and jackets are the go-to, but don’t neglect skirt-suits that will continue to emerge through the year. An easy-to-wear approach to androgynous fashion, neo-tailoring is a trend that delivers a polished and elegant look.