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Amazing Attractions in Australia You Must See on Your Next Visit

Australia is a beautiful country that is famous for being “down under.” It is also known for having a lot of exotic and unique animals that can only be found there. Australia is also full of amazing attractions that make it one of the most beautiful countries on earth for tourists. It has the perfect blend of nature and urbanization for a peaceful and adventurous trip. If you are planning a vacation soon, keep reading this article to discover the highlights of Australia.

What are the Top Tourist Attractions in Australia?

As we mentioned above, Australia is filled with lots of attractions and this article alone won’t be able to exhaust all of them. Check out the top five places you should definitely visit in Australia. 

Fraser Island

This is a breathtaking place found in Queensland that has both tropical and mangrove rain forests. Most of the island is covered with sand, and it’s the world’s biggest sand island. The island is also no stranger to wildlife. The dingoes that are found here are considered to be among the purest on the planet. For the best experience while scaling the island, you can move on a strong four wheel drive vehicle. It’s a sight to behold, from the enchanting rain forests to the clean waters and sand dunes. It’s a must-see for anyone venturing to Australia. Fraser Island shows part of the beauty that can be found down under in Australia.

The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a perfect example of blending nature with urbanization. The structure is seen as one of the great feats of the architecture of the 20th century. It is surrounded by water to match the design of the structure. The building was made to look like a sailing ship with winds blowing through its sails. Numerous performances are hosted there every year, and it is also a major tourist attraction. The building is not just limited to opera performances, despite the name. There are restaurants, theaters, a cinema, and a concert hall within. It also houses a botanical garden, which could make a good wallpaper if you can take a picture. It’s one of the many treasures and highlights of Australia.

Barrier Reef 

The Barrier reef is one of the many wonders of nature. The barrier reef is so large that it can be seen while in space. Yeah, that’s right, space. So it’s a must-see while in Australia and should be on your bucket list if it’s not there already. It has 400 coral types and 2900 reefs, and its land area is over 300,000 km2. The barrier reef makes for an amazing location for divers and snorkelers alike. If you want, you can swim with sea turtles and other aquatic life there. It is perfect for you and helps build your portfolio as a professional diver. However, the reef is not just limited to divers. You can visit to see the beauty of nature even if you are not big on diving.

Daintree National Park

Also located in Queensland, it’s one of the oldest known places on earth. It is currently the oldest rainforest on the planet. The national park is divided into three main parts. Cape Tribulation has some of the most beautiful and astounding locations in Australia. There’s also Mossman Gorge, which has stunningly clear water and Daintree National Park is also a place where nature meets nature. The rainforest converges with the reef at the sandy beaches. It also houses a lot of plant and animal species that are unique. Daintree National Park is not just a major attraction but a historic place as well, proving its value.


Uluru Park is a desert landscape in central Australia. It is home to one of the world’s wonders, the earth’s biggest monolith. Ayers Rock is a sandstone formation. The rock is more than 340 m high and is up to 600 million years old. The rock is sacred and holds spiritual implications for regional peoples in the area. They see it as an ancestral artifact. Uluru is one of the main traveler allures and a prominent spot for photography because of the gorgeous scenery. The rock changes dramatically during the sunset to give off beautiful colors. It’s among the most preserved sites in Australia because of its age and significance. This is one of the major highlights of Australia, and it’s not hard to see why it is.


Now you know some of the major attractions that can be found in Australia and what they have to offer. Australia has a lot of attractions that put it on the top of the list of most beautiful countries in the world. Some highlights here are millions of years old and are still beautiful as ever. So, if you happen to be in Australia, take the opportunity to visit as many of these places as you can.