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Exploring Canada During the Holidays

The holidays are the best times to bond better. For individuals and families seeking to escape everyday routine, involving in wholesome activities together creates a soothing distraction from the hustle and bustle of life.

Considering the fact that Canada is the second-largest country on the planet by area, therefore it is not surprising that there is a lot of exploring to do in the country. From enjoying the outdoor greenery to engaging in high profile city life, there is something suitable for everyone. 

The major urban areas are Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Victoria, Montreal and Ottawa. The affordability of exploring these cities and the loads of activities they offer, such as film and food festivals, makes them perfect for families and friends. 

You could otherwise choose to navigate the outdoors by setting up camps, climbing, skiing, fishing, shellfish digging, sledding and gold hunting. Various sites in British Columbia and Nova Scotia provide youthful explorers the thrill of seeing whales and belugas in nature. 

Top Activities to do While Enjoying the Holidays 

We have carefully selected a unique list of top things to do in Canada for families and friends whether as tourists or residents. Below is a list of what to do and where to do them.

Embark on the “Journey Behind the Falls”

It would be outrageous to tour the country without first visiting the famous Niagara Falls. Take a trip to explore the best of Niagara Falls during the holidays. Visit the region’s top sites, which includes the mind-blowing view from the highest point of the Skylon Tower. You certainly want to embark on a completely exhilarating Journey Behind the Falls excursion, or get up front with the water on an interesting Maid of the Mist voyage. 

Take a Cruise through Victoria and Butchart Gardens

Surrounded by flowerbeds, birds, fountains and all of nature’s beauties, this is one cruise you would not want to miss. Jump on board your boat and partake in a journey through the lovely Gulf Islands. Actively explore British Columbia’s shore via land and water on this Victoria and Butchart Gardens tour from Vancouver. Enjoy the scenery on the deck and watch out for whales and sea lions. This exploration would include: a diver and guide and live commentaries on board.

Discover the Cuisines of Victoria

Food, they say, is an integral part of culture. For lovers of food and beverage, what better way to tour the country than on a full stomach. Enjoy your holiday by partaking in Victoria’s mouth watering local culinary delights. Through the guide of a local, you can participate in trying out various delicacies, visiting breweries and learning more about the city’s fascinating history.

Go Ice Skating 

There are skating rinks for everyone in Canada. You could choose to go on a romantic skating experience in Magog, overlooking lake Memphremagog. You could as well decide to skate as a family on the areas of Base de plein air André-Nadeau. If a friend or family is a professional skater, the best place to practice with them is in Granby, in the Parc Daniel-Johnson. The ice rinks are specially designed to act as a training ground for athletic skating.

Take a Tour Into the Grouse Mountain and Capilano’s Suspension Bridge Park 

First established in 1889, the Capilano suspension bridge provides a thrilling experience for families and friends. The bridge is 230ft high up above the Capilano river in North Vancouver, British Columbia. It is said to be 469 ft in length.Both the suspension bridge and the Grouse mountain are considered to be amongst top famous attraction sites in Vancouver. Enjoy the tour as you engage in the Grouse mountain skyride, which allows you to appreciate nature in all its beauty.

Discover Sea Beauties Through Berkely Sound

Exploring marine life is a great way to educate children. Consider taking a wildlife tour round the Pacific Rim national reserve. Your experience starts in the Ucluelet Inlet, it is a fishing port with rich history and beautiful sea creatures. Discover the magnificence of ocean life as you spot whales, bears, otters, sea lions and seals during your voyage. Dive deeper into isolated sea shores and breathtaking sceneries, while enjoying the blissful silence that comes with being surrounded by nature.

Go Ice Walking 

For lovers of outdoor activities, consider going ice walking in Maligne Canyon. Located in Alberta, Canada, the Maligne Canyon is one of the deepest river ravines in the Canadian Rockies, measuring over 50 meters deep. This is not just your average hiking experience, discover mysterious frozen waterfalls, ice caves, underground stream outlets and the disappearing medicine lake.


Canada has lots of beauties, culture and cuisines for everyone. Each holiday season has something different to offer, this gives tourists and residents ample time to prepare for trips. Exploring Canada with families and friends will undoubtedly leave an incredibly memorable experience for all.