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Enhancing Home Security With Magnetic Door Locks

As you enhance your home security, you should place a large focus on the door looks.

There are different types of locks that you can use to do so, and one of them is the magnetic type. They are secure and effective in making sure that the doors stay closed and locked when they are meant to be.

Whatever locks you choose, you need to make sure your locks are installed correctly to maximise security. To achieve this, make sure you use a reliable service to perform the installation.

What Is Magnetic Lock?

These are automatic locks that use electric current to secure the door. Magnetic locks have two components, which are an armature plate and electromagnet. They are attracted to each other and that is how they lock together.

Doors That Magnetic Locks Can Be Applied On

Magnetic locks can be applied to different types of doors and in different ways. They can be applied on single doors, automatic swing, glass doors, a gate, sliding, double swinging, and out-swing doors. The armature plate is installed on the inside of the door, while the magnet is installed on the inner side of the frame.

How Are Doors Unlocked?

Doors with magnetic locks are opened remotely. To gain access, one can use a credential scanner, biometric input, or a keypad. Besides using these access control systems, one can also opt to cut off power by pressing a buzzer switch. This stops powering the magnet and gives access.

Why Use Magnetic Locks

Whether you are using magnetic locks for a residential, commercial, or office, many benefits come with them.

  • They are convenient – Carrying physical keys is dangerous as they can be lost, or someone steals them intending to access your property. With magnetic locks, there are no keys and are operated remotely.
  • They are easy to install – Once the electromagnet and armature plate is installed on the inside of the frame and the door respectively, the device is connected to the electrical network. This does not take much time as it is not complicated.
  • They offer high security – These locks offer a high-security level, especially when they have a high holding force. They can offer up to 1,500 pounds, depending on the armature plate surface area, magnet’s metal components, and voltage. Due to their design, they cannot be picked, forced open, or pried, which gives you peace of mind.
  • They do not have issues – Locks that have moving parts tend to have issues such as jamming. This is not the case with magnetic ones.

Magnetic locks are ideal when you want to boost your home security. They are advanced and only give access to authorized people. They are not only convenient, but they are also effective and durable.