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6 Types of Motivation That Make It Possible to Reach Your Dreams

Nobody will ever tell you that motivation is the key to your happiness, success, ambitions, and just about everything else. Motivation is the fuel to your spark that lets you achieve all your dreams. But, before you start searching how to get motivated, it is important that you understand the various types of motivation. These are 6 types of motivation that will help you reach your dreams and fulfill your ambitions.

1. Reward Motivation

Reward based motivation utilizes any form of incentive for achieving a particular goal. This is quite possibly the most common form of motivation in today’s time. Do that extra rep if you want to have dessert on your date. Or, work hard at achieving the month’s sale target to go on your dream vacation.

Incentive motivation makes you more determined to pull through with a task because you have something to look forward to at the end of it. The motivation to achieve your dreams will be stronger if the rewards are really good.

2. Competence Motivation

Competence motivation is useful if you want to do better at something, like beat your previous score or improve at a hobby. This type of motivation makes you push ahead despite setbacks to become more competent in a particular field. You should look at tips on how to get motivated based on competence if your goal involves learning a new language or something on similar lines.

3. Achievement Motivation

This refers to title or success based motivation. For instance, you are probably achievement motivated if you are working hard towards a job position. This is different from incentive motivation, because you are not focused on the reward. Instead, you are focused on the feeling of achievement you will derive after completing the task.

4. Power Motivation

This is for people who are happy when they attain power or create a massive change. This motivation type energizes people to grab control. This is usually useful in an organizational setting. It is important to not judge power motivation as a bad thing. People who use power as a motivating factor wish to shape the world around them according to their personal vision. Top CEOs use power based motivation for achieving their ambitions.

5. Affiliation Motivation

People who use affiliation motivation as a way to get ahead in life thrive when they come in contact with others more powerful than them. They do better when these people compliment their achievements or the work they do. Affiliation motivation helps in achieving social goals and moving up in the world.

6. Fear Motivation

Another common form of motivation that propels people forward to achieve their dreams is the fear of missing out. You need to excel at that presentation or there goes your promotion. Fear doesn’t always have to be negative in the context of motivation. Fear can also refer to a sense of responsibility or accountability.

You are more likely to complete something to the best of your abilities when you know somebody is counting on you. Fear of failure gives you the purpose and energy you need to move towards your goal. However, you need to make sure that the fear is not strong enough to overpower you or it will prevent you from achieving your dreams.