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How To Know What Kills Rats Instantly?

Everyone deserves a pest-free home, this is why we build our homes as secure and safe as possible. As responsible parents, we would never want to risk our children’s lives with the dangers brought by pests. In this article, we will be discussing one of the most common pests known to mankind, the rat. Ever since the dawn of humans, rats have been a raging pest. They pilfer and destroy homes due to their ravenous appetites. A rat infestation can be incredibly dangerous as they spread several diseases such as salmonella, Weil’s disease, E. coli and the bubonic plague. This is the reason why we need effective ways for rat removal Colchester.

Rats are commonly known for their medium-sized body and brown to black colour with long tails. The presence of these pesky pests is annoying and that is why people ask ‘how to kill rats instantly’. There are hundreds of ways to do that. The most common way used by people is to use traps and poisons, however, these methods do kill rats instantly, but is an inhuman way.

How to Find Rats

The first step is ridding your home of rats is finding where they live. As these rodents are nocturnal, you won’t see them during the day. But, it is easy to see the signs of their presence. Signs of rate presence include rat droppings, especially around human or pet food or in and around trash areas, noises in the dark, such as screeching sounds and evidence of gnawing of wires or structural wood. The other signs are burrows around the yard or under home or outbuildings, nests or piled nesting materials in hidden areas, smudge marks along walls or rodent hair.

So What Kills Rats Instantly Yet Humanely?

Live Rat Traps

Using live traps is a popular choice. These traps use the rodent’s natural tendency to investigate and wiggle into holes. In these traps, the rats can get in but not out. When the rodent gets into the hole, the mechanism snaps it to the other side of the trap where it is captured. However, the humaneness of live traps depends on how often the traps are checked, the design of the trap, and whether food, water or nesting material are provided to avoid starvation, dehydration or cold stress. Before using the trap, the mechanism must be checked to ensure that it will not catch the tail or limbs of the animal when it closes. Also, traps must be inspected every morning and any trapped rodent released into a suitable location or killed humanely.

Glue Traps

Glue boards are another great way to get rid of rats. The glue boards are non-toxic and can be used indoors to capture rats. The high-quality glue boards are plastic pan of glue about 1/4″ thick. When the rodent steps onto the glue trap it becomes lodged on the glue and is unable to getaway. However, care should be taken to remove rats that may still be alive but trapped on the glue board. So, it is advised to check the boards every morning. Glue boards are an inexpensive way to get rid of the rats.

Other Control Methods

Where there is large scale rodent problem, you should call in the expert rat removal company. Most people resort to toxic baits to kill unwanted pests. They use baits that contain chemicals which cause the rodents to die slowly and painfully. Additionally, the body of the poisoned rat presents a significant risk if it is eaten by other animals.
Houses located closer to parkland or other open spaces are prone to rat invasion. So, you need to take a few precautions to reduce the likelihood of rats entering houses.

  • Store food in glass, metal or heavy-duty plastic containers.
  • Rubbish should be placed outside on the morning that it is to be collected; rubbish bags or bins should never be left on the footpath overnight.
  • Minimise hiding places by removing weeds and debris near buildings and in yards.
  • All windows should have intact screens.

These are a few ways that kill rat instantly. However, if still, the problem of rat infestation persists, call in Rat removal Colchester. The best pest control service provider is North Essex Pest Control. They will investigate your place and apply effective rat removal methods. Call them on 01206 700 644 or 07487 351 351.