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How to get a Google Fax Number for Free?

Technology advancement is helping people to manage their communications smartly. Nowadays, you can send and receive documents and messages in a few seconds across the world. Surprisingly, technology has changed the nature of faxing.

You can send and receive fax messages without a dedicated phone line and a fax machine. It is easy to get a free fax number and link it with your Gmail account, Google Drive and Docs. You will need a fax number even with the use of online free fax services.

Understand the Nature of Google Fax

To send Google documents, you must have a fax number. You can get a free fax number from online fax service, such as CocoFax. Fortunately, CocoFax can be a suitable choice for online fax free Google. An online fax number will help you to grab incoming fax transmission.

You have to connect a fax number and a Gmail account to receive faxes in your inbox. As compared to the traditional method, this fax number can work without a physical setup. Google will not provide you with a fax number.

Remember, third-party fax service can convert your fax documents into a PDF. Your fax data travels encrypted through protected connections. It ensures the privacy of your content in fax documents.

An active fax number will deliver faxes to Gmail automatically. You can receive notifications of outgoing and incoming transmissions without a fax machine and dedicated phone line.

Tips to Get Google Fax Number

If you want a Google fax number, you will need a third-party online fax service. An excellent fax service allows you to speed up faxing tasks. Stay away from expensive services. Here are some reliable names.

CocoFax (Recommended)

CocoFax is a reliable and secure fax service provider. This brand features on Toms Guide, TechRadar, CNET, Android Authority and Life Wire. No doubt, millions of users are using their free fax number.

Use your email ID and CocoFax to send and receive faxes for free from different parts of the world. With a completely free number, you can fax from different parts of the world. It doesn’t require a setup fee, fax machines, toner or paper. See the important features of CocoFax:

  • Best security protocols
  • International faxing
  • User-friendly services
  • Dashboard with a simple interface
  • Adaptable fax solution
  • Send faxes from phone
  • Send Google documents in faxes

With high-end security and encryption protocols, the data breach is impossible. CocoFax can protect you from hackers and fraudulent people. Make sure to receive and send faxes from different devices.

CocoFax gives you the freedom to receive and send faxes free without buying a fax machine. Sign up with CocoFax and get your fax number free along with a free 30-day trial period. You can choose your fax number and upgrade your plan to use this fax number permanently.

With the help of CocoFax, you can turn your smart devices into a virtual fax machine. Get email notifications on each fax that you receive or send.


RingCentral is an online product to send and receive faxes. You can use it for email-faxing facilities. With its advanced features, it allows you to use Google products, such as Google Drive and Gmail.

You will get a free fax number and a toll-free number for the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA. With this service, sending and receiving faxes will be a breeze. Get your free account for RingCentral to manage fax communications.

Use Google Voice Number

Google Voice number allows you to communicate online. You can use a free Google VoIP (voice over IP) number after unlocking it. To send faxes, you will need a FoIP (Fax Over IP). You have to transfer your voice number to reliable fax service, such as CocoFax.

Unlock this number after paying $3 and port your number to send and receive faxes. With an online fax service, you can use digital lines to manage your fax communications. Faxes will be delivered to your Gmail address. You can download them as a PDF attachment.

It is similar to sending and receiving an email. After unlocking your number, you have to send porting request to a reliable online fax service provider. They will help you to use this number for your local and international faxes.

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