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Keeping your eyes safe on holiday

Before you head off on the holiday of a lifetime, it’s a good idea to think about your general health and wellbeing. Lots of people remember to get their vaccinations and stock up on medication, but very few consider their vision. Lots of things can happen to your eyes while you’re away from home, but fortunately, there are ways you can stay safe and comfortable. If you’re determined to take better care of your vision this year, then read on for some all-important holiday eye care tips.

Update your prescription

If it’s been a while since you last had an eye test, make sure you book an appointment with your optician before heading out of your hometown. Needing new glasses while you’re away can cause lots of complications. For example, you might find it hard to read maps and road signs, leading to journeys taking much longer than they should. Once you have your eye test results, you can think about choosing Oakley prescription glasses or shopping for some new shades while you’re at it. If you’ve never had prescription sunglasses before, your upcoming holiday is the perfect excuse to get some.

Wear quality sunglasses

Speaking of sunglasses, they’re essential for all holidays, no matter the weather or the time of year. Did you know that UV rays can harm your eyes even during the winter months or when the sky is overcast? Sunglasses certainly aren’t just for the summer!

If you’re planning on buying some sunglasses once you reach your destination, then you might change your mind after reading on. Many sunglasses that are for sale on beach stalls or by the side of the road won’t actually protect your eyes from the sun. While they might have dark lenses, cheap sunglasses without a 400 UV rating will allow harmful rays to cause damage to your vision. Shop around before you leave home and find a high-quality pair of shades.

Take a break from your screen

Spending long hours staring at a screen can cause eye strain and blurred vision, so make sure your eyes get some rest. Instead of staring at your phone while on a plane or train, bring a book, chat with the friends you’re traveling with, or break out a mini-board game. Most of us spend a lot of time working on a computer, so use your time off on holiday to treat your eyes to the real world for once.

Have a sleep schedule

Many people see going on holiday as a chance to break away from routine, but it’s important to get lots of sleep to protect your eye health. If you were planning to stay up late and wake up early every day to make the most of your holiday then you could be setting yourself up for vision problems as well as a low mood. A lack of sleep not only makes the world around you seem hazy, but your eyes will be stinging and you may not have your wits about you. It’s ok to deviate from your usual sleep schedule, but if you go to bed late try to have a lie-in and, if you wake up early, have an early night and wake up refreshed.