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How to Clean Outdoor Tiles?

Outdoor tiles can add an exquisite touch to your living spaces, whether you have a serene garden, a spacious patio, or a charming balcony. However, these tiles lose their sheen over time due to accumulated dirt, grime, and mould. Below, we will explore the best way to clean tiles, restore your outdoor vibrancy, and breathe new life into your surroundings.  

Gathering Your Supplies: 

Embarking on the journey to rejuvenate your outdoor tiles requires the right tools. Before you begin, ensure you have a broom, mop, bucket, scrub brush, mild detergent, water, and a power washer if available. These essentials will streamline the cleaning process and aid in achieving remarkable results.

Sweeping Away Debris: 

The initial step in this transformative process is to remove loose debris and dirt accumulated on the tile surface. Gently sweeping the area with a soft-bristle broom prevents the risk of scratching and abrasion during the cleaning process. It safeguards the tiles’ quality and design.

Preparing the Cleaning Solution: 

The next important step is creating a potent yet eco-friendly cleaning solution. In a bucket, concoct a mixture of mild detergent and water. Opt for detergents that are gentle on the environment and your tiles. Thus, mixing warm water and a few drops of dish soap is often a go-to choice. 

Scrubbing the Tiles: 

Now that you have your cleaning solution, it’s time to begin scrubbing. Dip your brush into the solution and work in small circular motions across the tiles. While maintaining a gentle touch, pay close attention to areas marred by stubborn stains, persistent mould, or elusive mildew. A slightly abrasive brush might be necessary for more tenacious stains. But always exercise caution to prevent any damage to the tile surface.

Mopping and Rinsing: 

Use a mop to eliminate any lingering, soapy residue after scrubbing. Rinsing is crucial to avoid potential slipperiness, especially when tiles become wet. Thus, thoroughly rinse the tiles with clean water to ensure no trace of detergent remains. This meticulous step will ensure your outdoor space remains aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Power washing where applicable: 

The power washer can be your ally for a more thorough cleanse. This tool can provide a deeper clean by utilising pressurised water. As a result, it effectively dislodges grime from crevices. When using a power washer, adjust the pressure setting to one that won’t compromise the tiles. To prevent unintended damage, maintain a reasonable distance between the nozzle and the tiles.

Drying the Area: 

With the cleaning process complete, allow your tiles to air dry naturally. If time is of the essence, use clean, absorbent towels to expedite drying. It’s essential to avoid stepping on the wet tiles until they are entirely dry to avert any accidents.


Maintaining the allure of your outdoor tiles is a commitment that promises rich rewards. Following these meticulously crafted steps will undoubtedly lead you to astonishing outcomes. By dedicating yourself to regular cleaning and maintenance, you’re not merely preserving the visual appeal of your outdoor area but also elongating the lifespan of your cherished tiles. In Sydney, where outdoor living is a way of life, mastering the art of tile cleaning will ensure that your outdoor spaces remain a testament to beauty and serenity—as a result, inviting you and your guests to experience the splendour of nature in its most refined form. Remember, with the finest techniques at your disposal, your outdoor area can continue to be a haven of elegance throughout the seasons.