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Importance of Eye Examination in Diabetic Patient

Diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle disorders at present. Treatment for Diabetes includes its management as it affects many organs over the period. Similarly, eyes are one of the most common organs affected in this disease. It is essential to have your eyes examined regularly if you are suffering from Diabetes to rule out any progressive vision issues.

For this, you should choose your eye specialist carefully, who knows how Diabetes will be affecting the eyes. You can select your appointment at a well-established eye center like Whitby Family Eye Care, which is well versed with eye disorders like dry eyes, seasonal allergies, diabetes-associated vision disorder, and more. You might be advised to go for dry eye therapy if you are diagnosed with dry eye syndrome.

In contrast, Diabetes associated vision disorder can be complex. If you also have Diabetes and you have not scheduled your eye appointment for a while, in this article, we will tell you what you can expect during your visit. Keep reading further to know more about your vision health.

Diabetes and your eye health

Diabetes can lead to severe vision troubles that extends from minor issues to grave diseases that can potentially lead to blindness and much more. For this, you will need a detailed eye examination to rule out such ongoing problems. Eye examinations are the only way to prevent visual ailment; therefore, you must get yourself examined at least once a year or as recommended by your physician.

What is diabetic eye disease?

Diabetic eye disease is the eye damage that results as a result of Diabetes. Most common being diabetic retinopathy, but it also results in aggravating cataract and glaucoma if you are predisposed to the factors. Most of the eye problems will occur without any pain or noticeable symptoms. It means, even if you think you are doing fine, this might present itself as the noticeable peak of an iceberg that you are likely to ignore. The problem may be deep-seated and could be already exaggerated beyond your imagination. That being said, if you haven’t got yourself examined yet, you need to schedule an appointment right away to prevent any permanent damage.

Causes of diabetic eye disease:

The problem arises due to high blood sugar levels in your body. The oxygen content within your eye vessels decreases, and it can lead to vascular abnormalities. As time passes, it starts to create visual troubles such as hemorrhages and permanent retinal damage that affects your vision as well as your overall general health. However, it can be regulated by keeping your blood sugar in check, with general health examination, eye examination, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle. In short, you should follow every advice by your physician to stay healthy.

What to do?

The only way to prevent visual disturbances due to Diabetes is a comprehensive eye examination done by an expert. It should be done regularly as soon as Diabetes is diagnosed. Usually, an annual examination is sufficient if you are going through all the measures by following your doctor’s advice. However, if required, your eye professional may advise you for more frequent examinations if you are suffering from any severe troubles, to see the effect of medicines and some other suitable reasons. The only way to prevent these eye diseases is the early examination and, thus, the most reliable protection against diseases.

How to prepare for a diabetic eye examination?

To prepare yourself for an eye examination, it is better to keep your blood sugar close to normal. It is especially necessary as your eyes show different results if you have high blood sugar during the examination. It changes when compared to stable blood sugar in your routine life, and thus, your physician might end up doing the wrong assessment of your visual state. Glasses prescribed during this stage will not be beneficial when your blood sugar is back to normal. So, there you go. Now you know about all the ways an eye examination will be useful to you; get yourself examined right away.