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5 reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking

Unless a piece of equipment breaks down due to ignorance, we forget to schedule the much-needed maintenance of our possessions. Whether it is your air conditioner, furnace, water heaters, or any other device, periodic maintenance is vital to make sure these pieces of equipment last longer. One such equipment that often becomes a hassle is a poorly maintained air conditioner. The water leakage from the air conditioner not only affects the functioning but consistently dripping water also keeps on soaking the underlying carpet and end up ruining it. To solve this issue, you often have to keep a bucket for water collection and replace it periodically that becomes troubling and embarrassing at times. The M&K heating experts routinely fix these issues and inform us about the signs that we should never ignore in your air conditioner that often leads to water leakage problems.

Faulty installation of AC

Whenever you have an incorrect installation, your machinery is bound to suffer, and your AC suffers a similar fate. In case of a faulty installation, water leakage is inevitable. An AC should be installed at a proper level where the rear end is slightly lower than the front side. Usually, one must maintain a difference of one inch for the same or slightly more. When the front end is installed at the lower end as compared to the rear end, the water from the system will keep on dripping from the front side rather than following its assigned route of passing through the back end.

Air leakage issues

When your Ac is not sealed correctly, the air gets its way through the system. The warm air that sneaks into your AC unit gets condensed due to the temperature difference, and leads to the build-up of moisture and water within the unit. This condensed water continuously leaks down from your system drop by drop.

Broken AC condenser pump

The condenser pump of your AC plays an essential role in its proper functioning. Whenever it gets broken, you are sure to observe some fault in your air conditioner, and it often results in leakage. If this happens, you should call the HVAC professional to have a look at your equipment. Most of the time, the condenser pump of your air conditioner will be replaced. It is recommended to call an expert on this issue as he will inspect the AC thoroughly to eliminate any other fault.

Blockage of the drainage pipe

It is a common issue. The drainage pipe is likely to get clogged as the drain holes at the rear end gets blocked with dust and dirt. This inevitably leads to the excess water collection into the unit that can’t be drained. Thus it starts to overflow from the unit through any other opening. When this happens, you are sure to experience the drainage of water from your air conditioner. However, with regular cleaning, this issue can be avoided, and the water will pass smoothly.

The low temperature of the climate

During the early days of winters and rainfall, the outside temperature starts to drop. The evaporation rate of water droplets within your unit begins to decrease. This leads to moisture build-up within your air conditioner. As a result, you get a unit that is continually leaking.

So there you have it all. Now you know all the common issues that can result in water leakage from your air conditioner. While some problems you can tackle on your own, it is better to call an expert for your appliance maintenance when the problem is beyond your expertise. Repeated water leakage is not only annoying but also leads to various accidents, and most of all, your air conditioner will develop other issues gradually. Periodic maintenance ensures that your possessions exhaust their lifespan, and no accident happens during the wee hours of the night.

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