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Dog Sledding Facts That are Great And Fun To Know

Who does not like dogs? Sure, not everyone likes and loves to own a dog, but most of the people feel so when they pass by cute dogs, more so when they own them. Moving on, if you own a dog, one thing is a must, you have to make sure that you engage them to different sports, like dog sledding. 

It was in 1000 A.D., when dogs were used to transport not just goods but people too. This sport entails a rich history and there are so many interesting twists that have been happening along the way, hence making dog sledding not only a great sport for dogs but also a fun thing to discuss. 

To start with, here are some of the facts about dog sledding to talk about:

  • Long and happy dog life

The dogs who are performing this sport are highly pampered. The dogs who participate in dog sledding are conditioned very carefully so their health is preserved. It is a general rule that dogs are only allowed to perform the sport when they are physically healthy and if they have the desire to go. 

With this, expect that the dogs who are part of a team, are a combination of older and younger dogs. The younger dogs are known to give power in the sport while older ones are there to share their experience and make the sledding easier. 

  • Training is best to start young

Training is best when you let the dogs train young. Socializing with their handler, or you if you are planning to train your dog on your own, is best while they are still young. When they reach six to eight months, encouraging them to start playing the sport is a good idea. As early as possible, exposing them to the sport is a good idea. 

Dogs are more patient when they are young, hence letting them learn this list of dog mushing commands can be easier if they are starting to learn it at a very early age. As they are trained young, expect that when they reach the right age, they are stronger and more inclined to this sport. 

  • It is perfect for unique breeds of dogs

Mostly, Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies are the breeds encouraged to do this sport, as they are not only highly intelligent but they are very easy to train too. Intelligence is very important for this kind of sport, as there are a lot of verbal commands they need to learn and to apply even in a very confusing environment. 

But needless to say, any kind of dog can be trained in sledding provided that they have the interest of doing so. 

  • Dogs who are part of dog sledding must be fed like kings

To ensure that the dogs are kept nourished and fueled, feeding them right is a must. They should be fed with the right amount of nutrients to keep them running and going. Their food should be calculated well, and should be a mix of proteins and kibble, and these they can get from beef, salmon and chicken. 

During winter, making them a warming stew is a good idea. Mixing proteins and kibbles to hot water will surely give your dogs a highly delicious and appetizing meal. 

There are a lot of interesting information about dog sledding that is best for you to learn. Whether you are a dog lover or not, learning dog sledding since it is part of the history, is without a doubt a good idea for you to consider.