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Easy Ways to Rid Hair of Static [7 Can’t-Miss Ideas]

Is your hair relentlessly plagued by static? Wondering how to banish it quickly? We have the tips and tricks to get rid of hair static once and for all!

Flyaways at your center part. Split ends at your tips. If you can’t manage it, static hair can totally ruin your look.

Static electricity causes static hair. And static electricity results from dry hair, dry conditions in the atmosphere, and even the clothing and accessories you wear. Thankfully, there are many ways to rid your hair of static frizz.

Tired of your flyaways ruining your ponytail or smooth, blunt cut? Here are seven easy ways to get rid of static hair (and prevent it from coming back!)

How Does Static Form?

Without going too deeply into the science, static forms when opposing electrical charges rub up against each other. When your hair builds up a negative electric charge and comes into contact with things with a positive charge, they repel. And that means sometimes frizzy and sometimes static hair.

Cold, dry winter days often bring about static (often brought on even more so by wearing winter hats and scarves to stay warm).

As frustrating as static hair can be, there are some super easy ways to control it. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Prevent It

Rather than fighting static after it appears, take some measures to prevent it.

The moister your hair, the less prone to static it will be. And that means using a moisturizing conditioner every time you wash your hair.

If your hair is on the dry side, it’s also a good idea to use a deep conditioning treatment or a hair mask once a week. The more moisture you can add to your hair, the less likely static is to form.

Another way to prevent static is to ditch your synthetic nylon and polyester hats and headbands. Natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, don’t conduct static the way synthetic fibers do. Whenever you wear a hat, hood, or headband, stick with natural fibers as a way to naturally fight static electricity.

Pay attention to the styling products you use as well. Products that contain alcohol, like certain styling gels and dry shampoos, can make your hair more dehydrated and static prone.

Shampoo Less Often

The drier your hair, the more static you’re likely to see. And the more you shampoo, the more you strip moisture and natural oils from your tresses.

Everyone’s hair is different, but certain hair types only need to be shampooed about once a week. You should wash your fine, flat, or oily hair about every other day. People with coily curls or thick hair can benefit from washing once or twice a week.

Buy a Wooden Comb

Those cheap plastic combs you buy in the drugstore are convenient and efficient. But they only help to conduct static electricity.

If you’re tired of fighting flyaways and static strands, invest in a wooden comb or a natural brush made with boar bristles. Plastic is an electricity inducer!

Use a Leave-In Conditioner

A simple leave-in conditioner can do wonders for people with static hair.

This goes back to the concept we discussed above, that dry hair has more static. If your regular conditioner isn’t giving your hair the moisture it needs, switch to a leave-in conditioning product. Leave-in conditioners have more staying power and provide a more significant amount of moisture for an extended time.

The thicker and drier your hair, the more critical it is to use a leave-in conditioner.

Break Out the Hairspray

Do you need to carry around a giant aerosol can of Aqua Net in your purse? Absolutely not. But a few spritzes with some gentle hair spray can fight frizz and control static in a matter of seconds.

Hairspray is a great way to fight static, mainly if your static tends to form at your part or your ends. Plus, if you’re rocking a ponytail or a pulled-back look, a little bit of hairspray can also help to control those baby hairs and wisps at your hairline.

In a Pinch, Use Your Facial Moisturizer or Hand Cream

The next time you’re all dressed up and ready to head out for the night, be sure to have a small tube of hand cream or a little pot of facial moisturizer in your bag. Put a little dab of moisturizer on your finger and rub it into your static hair to turn your electro-shocked look into the smooth ‘do you want.

Moisturizer smooths static and also helps to minimize breakage. There’s another reason to always have some in your purse: it helps to free a shirt or dress that’s static-clinging to your belly, back, or thighs.

Just as it helps to fight static in your hair, a moisturizing cream also helps to fight static on your body. Rub a little bit onto skin where your clothes are clinging, and you’ll be static-free!

Always Carry a Dryer Sheet in Your Handbag

If you’ve ever forgotten to toss a dryer sheet into your laundry, you’ve probably pulled a jumbled mess of socks stuck to pants and T-shirts.

Dryer sheets release positively charged particles into your clothes as they tumble in the dryer. Without a dryer sheet, clothes are full of negative atoms that attract positive atoms, creating unsightly static. The dryer sheet neutralizes those negative atoms so that they can’t attract positive atoms in the atmosphere.

And a dryer sheet works the same way on hair.

Tuck one or two Bounce sheets into your handbag and rub it into your hair at the first sign of static. This trick is perfect for quick fixes on the go. Plus, they fold up super small and compact to make them easy to carry in even the tiniest pocket or purse.

Bonus: your hair will also have that laundry-fresh scent!


Tired of your hair sticking straight up or flying away at your part or the crown of your head? You can prevent static simply by shampooing less often and using a moisturizing conditioner.

There’s nothing fun about static hair, but if you know how to prevent it and how to remedy it, you can fight it before it ruins your look (and your day). 

Author bio:

Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Candour House to help them with their online marketing.