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7 Hair Removal Myths Debunked

Beauty and glamour are an intrinsic part of the culture in India. And even more so in Pune, that’s located close to Mumbai. Mumbai is home to India’s largest film industry, Bollywood. The people of Pune love to have smooth and hair-free skin.

The ladies like to enjoy the sun in summer dresses and show off their beautiful skin. This beauty often comes with the pain of waxing every three weeks. But you can avoid the hassle and pain of waxing by getting laser hair removal in Pune.

While waxing, plucking, and threading are the cheapest and most common hair removal methods, they require frequent visits to salons. If you want to get a more permanent solution, you should try laser hair removal.

In this article, 7 myths are addressed that are related to laser hair removal.

Myth 1: Laser Hair Removal Can Damage Your Internal Organs

Many people confuse the radiation used in laser hair removal treatment with x-ray radiation. While x-rays go through your body, the laser radiation used for hair removal can penetrate only less than 5 mm into your skin. Since it does not even reach your internal organs, there is absolutely no way it can harm you.

Different types of lasers are effectively used on different types of skin and hair. When you visit a dermatologist for laser hair removal in Pune, they help you determine which one is best suited for your skin type and hair. Usually, the process goes very smoothly, and there is a speedy recovery.

Myth 2: Laser Treatment Can Cause Skin Cancer

This is not true. This rumor surrounding laser treatment is incorrect. Not all laser treatments cause cancers. Several types of lasers are used to cure specific types of cancer and skin disorders. Further, the radiation used in laser treatment is almost negligible. It does not harm your body.

Myth 3: Laser Hair Removal Is Only Meant For Removing Facial Hair

There is no such limitation. Whether you want to get rid of hair on your arms, legs, underarms, bikini line, chest, or any other body part, laser treatment is the perfect solution. In fact, men and women are trying out laser hair removal in Pune.

Experts don’t recommend using laser hair removal around your eyes since that is a very sensitive area. But other than that, you can use a wide range of laser services for hair reduction in any area you like.

Myth 4: Using Laser Treatment Can Lead To Infertility

The laser radiation does not go beyond 5 mm beneath the surface of your skin. It is now for you to assess how it can cause infertility if it does not even reach your reproductive organs.

Remember, the wavelength used for laser hair removal does not penetrate beyond the place where your hair follicles are. There is no correlation between laser hair removal treatment and infertility.

Myth 5: You Only Have To Get Laser Hair Removal Done Once For Permanent Hair Removal

Normally, 90 percent of the people find that laser hair removal works for them in one go, different people have different skin and hair types. Accordingly, the result of laser hair removal varies from person to person.

Sometimes, your dermatologist may ask you to come in for a follow-up session to destroy any hair follicles that weren’t removed in the first session. Further, once you get this procedure done, experts advise going in for a repeat laser treatment every six months to maintain the results.

Myth 6: Only People with Fair Skin Can Use Laser Hair Removal

Here the facts got distorted. Initially, the technology used for the first laser treatment targeted the skin pigment, melanin, which is found in hair follicles in fair-skinned people.

However, technological advancement has made it possible for people of all skin tones to benefit from laser hair removal. But the myth continues to follow laser treatment, and this often dissuades people with darker skin tones.

Myth 7: Anyone Can Perform Laser Hair Removal in Pune

Absolutely not! The skin is a susceptible organ. Only a qualified and licensed specialist, usually a dermatologist, can perform laser hair removal. Feel free to check the credibility and qualification of the professional you consult for laser treatment.

Now that you know the truth from laser hair removal myths, you can shed all your worries and get the freedom from pain and regular waxing sessions. Book your laser hair removal session with experts today. Be careful to choose a certified clinic with licensed professionals, though.

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