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Does Having Experience as a Judge Help a Lawyer Win Cases?

Not many people get to experience what it is like to be a judge. The transition from layer to the bench is not an easy one, and every so often, a judge will return to practicing law rather than overseeing the court. 

The unique experience gives an attorney insight into how the court work. When hiring an attorney, extensive trial experience benefits you and your case. In truth, many inexperienced lawyers get paid big bucks for shuffling paperwork and settling out of court. However, if the case makes it to a trial, having a former judge on your side ups your chances of a favorable outcome.

The Qualities of a Good Lawyer

Successful lawyers must have certain qualities to not only practice law but to win their court cases. Some of those characteristics are natural, and others learned over time. The experience a judge brings from the bench to the bar is priceless.

Communication skills are a must for most professions. Listening and good writing skills are part of that. For an attorney, there is no more precious quality than the ability to communicate clearly and confidently. Another aspect of communication skills is knowing how to persuade while being personable.

Judgment means working off of instincts and making reasonable and logical decisions. A judge has made a career in making judgments based on those criteria. It is why having a former judge on your side is a good plan of action.

Analytical skills sometimes come hand in hand with judgment. It takes years to absorb the large amounts of information and learn to distill it logically. Sometimes there are multiple conclusions or percent, and they must decide which path is best for their client.

Attorneys spend a great deal of time researching. Experienced law professionals know how to intake a lot of information and utilize it in a manageable and valuable manner. However, having creativity goes a long way towards mixing both experience and imagination for the most favorable outcomes for their clients.

Finally, perseverance is part of an attorney’s makeup. They must attend college for years and then pass bar exams in the states they plan to practice. It is a skill you want your lawyer to have when pursuing a successful court case.

What Former Judges Brings to the Courtroom

Every state has a different process when appointing judges, and there are two court systems – federal and state. And, while some judges are appointed and others elected, they gain the same experience from the bench. 

Nerves and anxiety get the best of us all regardless of what we do for a living. Attorneys are just as susceptible as anyone else. Court proceedings are stressful, and nervousness is normal during opening statements. The jitters can cause a lawyer to let things fall to the wayside and make mistakes that could cost you a favorable outcome to your case. 

Throughout a judge’s career, they gain confidence in public speaking and learn the ins and outs of the laws they protect. When they return to practicing law, they bring that experience to every case and client.

Every court case is different. Often, an attorney has to familiarize and refresh themselves when they get a new case. When it comes to the ideal attorney, good judgment is one of the primary characteristics they must have. Judges have already made a career of following their instincts in the courtroom.

Hiring local judges is already the best and easiest choice. Relationships formed between other lawyers, courthouse professionals, and even sitting judges. Whether on purpose or not, often those established connections play a factor in the final judgment. 

Inexperienced or new attorneys have not perfected their skills or etiquette. First impressions and presentations are everything when they are in the courtroom. If legal representation does not know how to carry themselves, it is harder for them to achieve a favorable outcome.

Choosing a Former Judge

Judges do not return to the courtroom as an attorney very often, but they know how to land punches and win cases when they do. Especially when it comes to complex cases, having a former judge on your side can help for various reasons. They already possess and use skills that make attorneys successful. 

It is your right to seek out the best representation out there regardless of how complicated your case is. If you are searching for someone with extensive law knowledge, attorney and former judge Terry Bryant has the experience and qualities to enter the courtroom and walk out a winner.