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What is a Chillum Pipe?

Chillum pipes are one of the rawest and most organic methods of smoking in the world. They have a rich history and have become a cult classic across the world. With unrivaled simplicity and portability, chillums are a must for anyone who needs a reliable travel piece that is discrete and easy to use.

Even though a chillum has been around for a long time, they have just recently started to gain massive popularity for many reasons. They are perfect for personal use, simple enough for passing around group sessions, and are the best tool for finishing off roaches easier. One of the main reasons chillums have gained massive notoriety in recent years is because of the special technique used to smoke out of them properly that ancient shamans have still use to this day. If mastered, this technique makes for a fun and unique experience that no other type of piece can give.

Chillums are small, handheld pipes that are very simply designed. They are cylindrically shaped with an end-to-end channel inside and a small bowl piece at the end. The bowl piece on chillums does not feature any carb indent, making them a more raw and direct smoking device. They most often come in glass forms but also have silicone and even wooden builds. Many people refer to chillums as a one hitter.

Chillums give the strongest and most direct rips of any type of pipe. They are much more potent than the similar Sherlock or hand pipes because of the straight shape and lack of a carb. This is because they are built with a straight channel down the middle that directly gives hits from the bowl without a carb. While some argue this makes them more difficult to use and gives hotter smoke, this depends on proper usage and packing technique. There is a reason the use of these styles of pipes dates back thousands of years.

History of Chillum Pipes

It is believed chillums were first used by the ancient Hindu monks and Indian cultures. They were the original pipe used by many ancient cultures for meditation, spiritual worship, and group gatherings. The original chillums were a simple wooden tube with a carved out inner channel, a bowl, and a circular handle. Early cultures used these chillum-style pipes for thousands of years and even before tobacco was ever introduced into the region. The chillums used a simple earthly design and these ancient cultures even adapted their own unique method of using them. While the ancient Indians were the most famous for using chillums, many other European cultures used them as well. Over time, they have spread across the world and have now become a staple in smoke shops everywhere.

The Difference Between Chillums and Typical Hand Pipes

Chillums and hand pipes are very similar, yet they have a couple of main differences. Hand pipes can feature more intricate designs and feature curvatures of the stem and large bowls. Chillums, on the other hand, always feature the slender cylindrical design and a small to medium-sized bowl piece at the end. Also, chillums do not have carbs to hold the smoke in. Many chillum users will swear by how smooth and tasty the hits they provide are if done correctly. The absence of the carb cap requires more touch and grace to get the perfect hit, but they are well worth the effort.

Types of Chillum Pipes

There has always been the classic, cylinder-style chillum – but there have also been some modern takes on the classic design. The classic features the simple straight chamber and bowl at the end. The other types of chillums can include:

Glass Blunts

The introduction of glass blunts was a game-changer for many smokers. They offer one of the most unique, portable, tasty, and potent forms of smoking available today. The design is simple – it consists of super-durable borosilicate glass with a hollowed-out inner portion that you load dry herb into. The unique feature is the titanium screw mechanism inside of it that allows you to load up large amounts of dry herbs in the cavity and pack it tight. Our glass blunts let you load up to 1.5 grams inside, which will satisfy even the heaviest blunt lover. In addition, the mouthpiece is designed for optimal airflow with 8-hole design to cool and smooth out the smoke traveling through the glass blunt.  

Glass blunts are the permanent replacement for using cigars to roll up your dry herbs. The herbs burn slower, smoother, and hit harder. They are perfect for group sessions and even allow you to save some for later if you want to take it on the go. Glass blunts offer you an easy way to store dry herb on the go and hit it whenever you want, without sacrificing any of the flavor or smoothness you enjoy at home.

Dugout Pipes

Dugout pipes are also a variation on the classic chillum design. However, when it comes to dugouts, the chillum pipe is commonly referred to as a one-hitter. Dugouts are a box that has two chambers: one for the one-hitter pipe and one to carry any accessories, tobacco, or dry herb. The one-hitter pipe can be loaded and hit directly from the box, making them one of the most discreet, portable, and convenient pipes ever. The rectangular case itself resembles a lighter and gives you everything you need for a convenient to-go smoking set.  

Other Chillum Pipes

There are also plenty of other types of chillums that feature similar functionality but have unique glass blowing, designs, colors, and sizes. There is a huge variety of chillums and looking through our store you will be sure to find one that fits your tastes perfectly.  

Chillum Tip: Getting the Perfect Hit

When using the chillum pipe, there is a method that has been used for thousands of years and is even still used by various Indian tribes to get the perfect, natural hit. To perform the hit, simply hold the pipe between your ring finger and your pinky, and cupping both hands around the mouthpiece and forming an air chamber. This small chamber you form with your hands acts almost like the beaker section of a bong where the smoke will build up. Have a friend light it for you (or do it yourself if you are skilled enough) and let the smoke buildup in the air chamber you made with your hands. Pull the smoke slowly and allow the smoke to cool slightly before you inhale. This technique usually takes a couple tries to master, but is a cool party trick and is fun to do in a group setting.

How to Clean Your Chillum Pipe

One of the best parts of chillum pipes is how easy they are to maintain and clean. The small size and straight chamber make cleaning the buildup a breeze. Just fill a plastic bag with isopropyl or cleaning alcohol and salt and shake it until it covers the entire piece. Depending on how dirty the piece is, you will need to let it sit for anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. Once it is done, take out the piece and rinse it with water and more alcohol and allow it to fully dry before you try to use it. 

Benefits Of Chillum Pipes

Chillums have become very trendy in the past few years and are showing up at nearly every smoke shop you can find. This is for good reason – chillums are fun and simple to use and perfect for group sessions on the go. Some of their best highlights include:

  • Extremely discreet
  • Easy to pack
  • Easy to clean
  • Fun variations including dugout and monkey pipes
  • Cheap
  • Glass, wood, and silicone varieties

Chillums are a timeless piece, and every smoker should have one in their collection for both easy use and also aesthetic appeal. They are perfect for finishing off roaches and make for a fun one-hitter piece. They can come in some really cool and stylish designs and are made in a variety of materials that can easily fit your preferences. No matter your smoking style, chillums are an essential piece to have in your repertoire.

Where to Buy a Chillum?

As we mentioned, chillums can be found in any smoke shop and are very affordably priced. When shopping for a chillum piece, always keep an eye out for the quality of the design. The highest quality glass pieces are always double blown and much more resilient, shiny, and functional than cheaper varieties. Most of the chillum selection in our store feature the highest quality glass, silicone, and wooden pieces. We are always proud of the pieces we include in our store and offer safe shipping and handling and the most competitive prices.

Chillum pipes are stylish, fun, and simple smoking pipes. If you are looking for a new piece or want to add a simple piece to your bong or hand pipe setup, checkout our chillum offerings here!

Written By: Greg H.