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Online Poker – An Essential Step to Step Guide for Beginners

Virtual casinos have gained so much importance these days that everyone is looking to have an impressive career in it. Before, “Tuan Poker Agen Poker Online Indonesia” was a thing; gambling was an expensive game meant for only people with deep pockets. However, the tables have turned, and now everyone who has this desire to win a significant amount of money in poker can use their hand in it.

Moreover, gambling isn’t limited to some expensive possession as it has become a source of income and livelihood for many people. Do you know that professional poker players make thousands of dollars? It is a kind of job that can offer you entertainment along with decent pay. So, as you can see that online gambling has an amazing job profile. Because of this, many emerging players have been thinking of opting for it as a profession. However, the steps that lead to the world of gambling isn’t always glitter and shine. So, let’s start with the basics.

Learning comes first

It is a common misconception among players that you can learn the game while playing. Well, it is not completely wrong, but not right as well. Just like you need to learn alphabets to read a word properly, it is important to learn the basics of poker as well. Now, what is the best way to learn a “online poker” game? You need to go for a watch and learn concepts here. Sit around poker players and watch them playing the game.

If you can either watch a broadcast on TV or else go for YouTube videos online. Do make sure to absorb each move of the players. Besides this, the social commentary on such a broadcast can provide some valuable and informative tips.

Start playing it with friends

After you get to know the hands and basics of poker, the next step is to start playing the game. Do make use of casino poker chips but skip the money part. Playing poker with friends will give you a real-life gaming experience, plus it is more practical. However, you do need friends that are familiar with the game and not the ones who haven’t played it yet. In case if you can’t find friends that have knowledge about poker, then go for free games.

Free online games are ingraining, challenging, and introduce you to the virtual gambling world. In addition to it, you will be playing with different players and thus can learn about the game quite well. However, newbie’s needed to start with a few players and then slowly adds new players.

Read the books and online contents

Well, it is highly debatable whether or not this move is fun or not. Those who love reading will like it while it isn’t fun for others. However, it doesn’t matter as you need to read lots of articles and books dedicated to playing online poker.” The human brain is amazing, and it has the ability to read others minds as well. Do you know that professional players tend to calculate the odds, dig out a solution, and ultimately win the game?

It is not wrong to say that professionals do have this ability to read face and mine. It is not something impossible, and you can also do this if you become a master in it. Reading let you know different tricks and tips.

Polish your skills

Poker is a game of skills, and as you know, skills can be improved over time. The internet has the amazing ability to provide any information you need. Thus, it becomes necessary to use the help available out there. You can follow a professional gambler, watch their videos, and learn from them.

There are even videos of live casinos available online that can give you an idea of a real casino.

Learning and practicing are two different things but complementary at the same time. Learn how to calculate odds, evaluate it, implication process, etc. Once you get the lesson you are looking for, practice it regularly.

Know the hands

Beginners think that as they are starting, it is fine to play any hand. It is a big misconception as you need to learn how to win? I know the game is free, so it doesn’t cost anything, but still, it is important to start writing. Though it takes some time to figure out the winning hands once you do, play winning hands. As I have told you before, learn first and then think about winning. Even after learning about winning hands, it isn’t necessary that you are going to win, so don’t obsess over winning the game.

As long as you aren’t losing any money and playing free games, focus on learning. Get the most out of every game and player. Make sure your brain absorb everything you see while playing games.

Patience and dedication

When you are dealing with the “online poker” world, you need to get out of this idea of glitters and magic. You are not able to win millions of dollars at one, nor is it going to be as fancy as you think it would be. You have been seeing these professional poker players winning games one after another, but they have acquired this skill from years of practice. So, motivation is good, but stay away from overconfidence.

You need to practice daily to polish your skills and be patience each time you play the game. Besides this, you need to be persistent in it; otherwise, you are going nowhere. In other words, there is no short cut nor any trick that can make you master in it overtime.

Control emotions

There is no place for emotions while playing online poker. If you get emotional easily, then the other players can take advantage of it, and you will end up losing the game. Poker is a game of skills, not emotions, neither luck, just skills. It isn’t common to make irrational decisions when we get emotional. So, if you are an emotional person, then start working on it and learn how to control it.

Besides this, you need to be in a good mood when you are on the table with other players. You can’t win any game with a bad mood. Poker needs concentration as you and your brain needs to think in the same direction. No matter what but professional players have this amazing ability to control emotions during the game.

What else do you need?

Developing a set of skills is not easy, nor doesn’t it happen overnight. In addition to it, poker is a mind game. You should know how to read your opponent’s mind and trick them.

  • Work on your concentration and learn how to be focused. Even a little bit of distraction can cause loose?
  • Attentiveness is required when you are playing poker. You need to be in the game and not in your own thoughts. Watch out and observe every move and player on the table.
  • Train your brain and utilize it to its maximum capacity. Control emotions and learn how to cope up with difficult situations.

Online poker – get to know the best sites

So far, we have discussed the things and skills you need to acquire as a poker player. Now, coming to the other important aspect of it that is websites. If you aren’t on the right site, then all of your handworks will go in vain. Scammers are everywhere. Thus it becomes important to know where you need to go for Situs Poker Online.

Choose sites with maximum traffic

I am not saying that small sites aren’t trustworthy or good enough, but famous sites are usually a safe option. Many daftar situs poker online terbaik have a large pool of players because they offer good bonuses and excellent services.

The easy and simple registration process

While filling the registration form, it shouldn’t feel like we are giving an exam. Especially for those who aren’t internet-friendly need to go for a simple registration process.

Look at the license

When you start playing poker against money, you need licensed sites. You are investing money, and it should be in the right place.

Deposit and withdrawal

Look at their policy of money deposit and withdrawal before clicking on the “agree” button. Check out the reviews as to whether or not the players on it have an issue with withdrawal. The most important thing to look for is payment options. See if you can pay via different options or not?

Should offer live betting

Live betting has become a favorite of many poker players. So, if you want to win money live, do consider a website that offers different lie tournaments.


Successful Professional gamblers you see today were newbie’s just like you when they entered this world.

They have sacrificed their comfort to reach where they are now. You do not need to have an IQ of an Einstein to win big while playing poker. Just follow the steps you have read above and keep on repeating them. If you work on your skills properly, then it will make you an unbeatable king of the online gambling world. Everyone wants to see their name among millionaires, but for that, you have to work hard.