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Top 10 Healthy Everyday Habits for Students

Every student starts a new term with a firm decision:

“I will be 100% focused on my studies. I’ll limit the partying, I’ll watch fewer TV shows, I’ll do my homework, and I’ll develop healthy habits.”

The term starts and you manage to keep it together at the start. But then everything goes downhill. Good habits take a long time and strong determination. It’s easier to develop bad ones, such as sleeping late, smoking, drinking, and being lazy.

Are you willing to make a real change in your life? Do you want to be productive, healthy, and smart? We’ll give you a list of everyday habits that you should develop as a student.

Healthy Eating

It’s time to ditch the pizza, burgers, coffee, and soda. Healthy eating habits are important! Nutritious food gives you enough energy to get through a challenging day. Start the day with a smoothie or fresh juice. Eat loads of fruits and veggies, and get your protein from lean meat.

Good Sleep

Without healthy sleep habits, you’ll feel drowsy when you need to stay focused. At least eight hours of undisrupted sleep are mandatory. Start going to bed earlier, so you’ll get those eight hours of sleep before you get up on time for class.

Start Homework on Time

If you don’t, you’ll accumulate tons of stress that you don’t need. If it’s hard for you to do math homework every day, you can rely on the best from the math help services. The important thing is to get organized and do things by your schedule.

Limit the Use of Social Media

You already contact many people throughout the day when you’re at college. You don’t need to spend several hours on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Use productivity Chrome extensions, such as StayFocusd. They will help you stay away from distracting networks.

Exercise in the Morning

Turning exercise into a habit has a lot to do with timing. You should do it at the same time, every day. It’s easier to make the commitment before you start facing the responsibilities of the day. You face fewer distractions, and you’re inspired to make healthy food choices throughout the rest of your day. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine also showed that morning exercise makes you more focused.

Gain Some Budgeting Skills

Finances impose a lot of stress, which is not healthy. It’s not just about the tuition fees; life at college is expensive by itself. Carefully plan your monthly budget. Limit all unnecessary expenses. Buy healthy food and cook it. Get second-hand textbooks. When you learn how to stretch out your limited budget, you’ll face less stress on a daily basis.

Take Your Vitamins

You can hardly meet your body’s nutritional needs from food alone. High-quality vitamins will help you stay focused, build a strong immune system, and improve your overall health.

Take Your Antioxidants

You don’t need to buy expensive pills. Just throw a handful of blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate seeds, cherries, and strawberries in your morning smoothie or juice.

Get Some Sunlight

Don’t spend your entire time between your room and lecture halls. Take every opportunity to spend some time outdoors. Sunlight is important for getting Vitamin D, preventing depression, and balance your body’s Circadian rhythm.


Studying in small bites is a healthy habit that prevents binging and stress before exams. Take at least two hours every day to do homework and go through the material you covered in class. That’s easier than studying for entire days before exam week.

Those are the things you should do every day as a student. Does it seem too challenging? It won’t be when you turn these activities into habits. When they become a routine, you’ll do them without experiencing any difficulties.

BIO: Elizabeth Skinner is a productivity freak. She exercises, studies, works, reads, watches TV shows, and cooks every day. When the day is well planned, there’s enough time for everything. That’s what Elizabeth is preaching through her blog posts.

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