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4 Interior Design Trends of The Millennial Generation

The continued entry of millennials in Dubai’s property market is redefining the home design trends. Soon, the oldest millennials will be clocking forty years while outnumbering the previous generation. Millennials have different tastes and preferences from the previous generation. The increased millennial population in Dubai has been fuelled by the immigration of young professionals from different parts of the world.

Nowadays, millennials want modern, sleek and clean lines in their houses. Some also like to add laid-back rustic looks and artisanal décor. They prefer houses that are more functional, unique and aesthetically attractive. Also, millennials crave for smart home technology where everything is controlled by the touch of a button.

The millennial generation is attracted by the off plan property for sale in Dubai.

Most of these properties are not only placed in prime locations but also offered at affordable prices, such as Port De La Mer apartments, Emaar Mina Rashid apartments.

Also, they are available in different options. For example, there are not only apartments or villas but also a number of tastefully designed townhouses for sale in Dubai.

Below are 4 Best interior design ideas of the millennial generation:


The desire to live within close proximity to necessary facilities, professional networks and city resources means the millennial generation are mainly found within urban areas. Due to limited spaces, urban units are smaller. It is like millennials are not concerned with size but on reasonable energy use, efficiency and saving money. However, living in small quarters does not mean they are confined.

Open plan

Open plan layouts are becoming popular in modern properties. This layout is making living spaces look and feel more open and efficient than before. The previous generation preferred a lot of partitions on their walls. Millennials are preferring fewer walls and more open spaces in their houses. For instance, a big kitchen remains a major factor of consideration, but it should flow with other spaces of the house.

Sleek and simple

The previous generation preferred rustic décor and a lot of accessories in their living spaces. However, millennials are opting for functionality and minimalistic design which keeps the house clutter free. It does not mean that they don’t feature rustic items, they just limit the number. This is because of the smaller spaces they are living in.

Also, the increased use of technology has reduced the number of physical accessories.

Smart technology

Since the generation was born in the age of technology, they have high demands on houses that are integrated with smart technology. Wi-Fi connected technology in houses is offering numerous benefits. Every electronic in the house can now be monitored and controlled from a smartphone or tablet. Millennials want technology friendly spaces with numerous outlets, charging stations and stable internet.