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How to Make Your Wedding Extra Special With Mehndi Designs

A wedding presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for two lovers who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together to seal their commitments with a grand celebration and official exchange of vows. This is an occasion you’ll want to prepare to perfection as you will spend the rest of your lives looking back upon it. As such, there can never be a limit when it comes to making your big day extra memorable and special. Every detail has to meet the specifications of the wedding you have always dreamed of, from the venue and its decorations to the guests in attendance and the execution of the ceremony. This means endless days of planning, coordination, and approval of all details to ensure nothing is left to chance.

In a rush to attain the much-needed perfection, the focus must never be taken off the highlight of the big day, which is, without doubt, the bride and the groom. The truth is, a lot of details might not be captured by everyone, but one thing that always remains captivating is the grace and beauty that must define the two lovers. This means that a lot of time has to be dedicated to making sure the main attractions for the day, the bride and the groom, look flawless. There are lots of tips to follow for a perfect wedding, and while the list might be demanding, one thing you can never lose focus on is being in your best form for the big day.

It is amazing how little details can make a stunning difference and could be all that is needed to make you look extra stunning for your big day. As you are thinking about what to go for, mehndi design is a solution you shouldn’t overlook if you want to keep alive a rich tradition that brings the desired touches of artistry to your body. For Indian marriages, this is a long-held tradition that has always been part of the numerous rituals and provides an extra charm to the entire celebration. Even if you are not a Hindu or Muslim, who make it the core of their weddings, you can still use mehndi designs to add an extra element of fun to your big day. Primarily, this is because there is always something captivating about mehndi designs that one cannot help but love.

The beauty of wearing body art from paste made from the dry leaves of henna is that you have an unlimited array of designs to choose from. Whether you want to go traditional and have designs inspired by past generations or are rooted in contemporary designs, the guarantee is beautiful results.

Alternatively, you could opt for a mix of modern and traditional designs that create a flawless, classic design. All it takes is finding a seasoned artist who has mastered all techniques required to craft each stroke perfectly to adorn your body. Primarily, the hands and the feet are the focus for most brides as they will be the most visible body parts which can easily be complemented by having the right wear for the wedding.

For both the hands and feet, there are hundreds of mehndi design that you could choose from depending on what best defines you. If you are the extravagant bride, you could go for a full hand design that covers the entire arm and provides enough space to incorporate a lot of details. You could also opt to go for a minimalist design that mainly covers the palm and back of the hand and without much effort look amazing. Among the most popular hand mehndi designs are the reverse lotus, chadar designs, paisley peacocks, swirls & twirls, Ganesh designs, and Jaipuri among many others. For the feet, you could also go for a minimalist drawing or more detailed artwork that will complement the design on your hand. Mehndi designs are in the end, not just body art, but a perfect way to have an auspicious wedding day.