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Bathroom Design Ideas That are Trending Right Now

From bathtubs and showers, and from sinks to vanities, everything forms an integral part of the bathroom. So, if you are thinking of giving a trendy touch to one of the most private places in your home – we have the best design suggestions for you. It covers each aspect starting from the texture of the walls to the pattern, the prints, the finishing to the fixtures.

Bathroom renovations in Sydney incurs a lot of effort – we have tried to make your lives more accessible with the newest design ideas.

Bathroom design ideas that are in trend

Black is the new color

With a trend shifting towards bolder and darker styles, darker tones are the trendiest color of the year. Grey has been the color of the last few years, but black is the trend right now!
Complement it with lighter shades of other fittings, mirrors, vanities, and other gears preferably with a matte finish.

Smart bathrooms

With smart homes being the trendiest thing and the most energy-efficient module, smart bathrooms are not much behind the league. Mini fridges, smart showers, and automatic sinks are the upcoming life hacks. Imagine by the time you are home from the office, your shower will have the hot water ready for you. And while in the shower, the blue-tooth speaker adjust the lights, and temperature for you.

Vintage look with brass and gold

Sinks, toilets, and every other fixture in your bathroom are now available in different shades of brass and gold. Now, don’t go back to the times of your grandparents; the modern age brass faucets have a lovely classy and warm tinge of gold plumbing. It adds the exact amount of required gravity, dimension, and feeling of extravagance to any space. Yes, you can say tradition is the new trend!

Floating vanities

Floating vanities are fashionable and are the new hit thing. No, it doesn’t give a shallow feel to your bathroom – with the new wooden vanities, you add not only space in your bathroom but also get the desired trendy look. To make your life easier, they are also superbly easy to clean.

Dam-less showers

You really have to be ready to take this decision and embrace the fact that your bathroom can exist without a shower dam also. This effortlessly simple thing look stylish and neat. The thing you should be careful about is the flooring of the shower area. So, while construction makes sure that it slopes down toward a linear drain and prevent the water from entering the other areas of the bathroom.

Fun with tiles designs and shapes

Along with a variety of colors, you can now get tiles with different designs and graphics, which is much beyond the traditional look.

Think of any shape – hexagon, pentagon, diamond, chevron patterns, arabesque, or fish scales, and you will get tiles of that design in the choice of your color and texture.

If you want to be trendy while playing safe, and playing with tiles is the best option for you.

Be compact

While hanging vanities is one of the trendiest things, having compact storage is another elegant and convenient way of uplifting your bathroom.

Hire the service of bathroom renovations in Sydney, and you will be surprised to see how they can personalize your cupboards, shelves, and other storage areas and make them spacious yet compact. A bathroom which has hidden cabinets, contemporary wall shelves, and vanity under space storage is sure to appear less cluttered and give the bathroom a spacious and organized feel.

Taint it with colors

With black being the new color, you can add life to it with a taint of colors. Depending on your style, you can add colors to your bathroom. If you want to give a relaxed mood, pop up your bathroom fixtures with the tinge of blue. And if you’re going to bring in the feel of nature and wellness, then green is the color for you.

Another new color which is raving the market is rose gold. So, if you are ready, you can not only design your bathroom with the current trends but stay a step ahead of others.