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4 Reasons to Check Out Esports

Throughout the last year, there had been a lot of difficulty with sporting as a whole as cancellations and postponements were common. And with the start of 2021 looking to be quite similar for some events and the possibility that cancellations may come through once again, many are turning to esports as an alternative – but for new viewers it may be a little difficult to get in to, so why should you check out esports?

Diversity and familiarity – One of the biggest benefits to esports has come with the diversity in the number of titles that are offered – whilst the biggest three games make up the majority of viewership, there are many niche games that are also developing their own esports scene and are becoming extremely successful. Amongst those are more familiar names, titles like FIFA and NBA have started becoming viewed much more often as traditional sporting fans look for alternatives, and with the widespread introduction of esports betting at sites at, there’s a lot of recognizable features and names bringing newer viewers across. If you’re used to more traditional sports, you may be able to find your favourite esports alternative. 

Ease of accessibility – Where traditional sporting events are often tied behind a paywall or required service to view, all esports titles are free to view and livestreamed online through the biggest services such as Twitch. With nothing restricting new viewers from joining, you’ll have the ability to explore any title that may take your interested without being concerned about cost or lack of availability and can certainly help you check out and grow more interested in the growing world of esports.

A thriving community – Streaming platforms have largely become as successful as they have because of the live chat and the thriving community that comes with it – this is also true for esports as the live chat services that come through platforms like Twitch allow you to get talking to likeminded fans – particularly during the pandemic period where you may have  been forced to watch your favourite sporting event alone, this allows you to connect with others and chat live during a game.

Free to try – The biggest esports titles also come with the great benefit of all being free to play – if you’re getting into the games and feel like you’d like to give them a go, many have lower specs and don’t need anything too beefy to try them out so you can jump in game yourself and see what it’s all about. Unlikely more traditional sporting events, this has allowed audiences  to feel more involved with the games and with the developing esports scene. 

There are plenty more benefits too but it may be worthwhile to explore them for yourself – many have considered esports and gaming to be the future of sporting in general, and whilst it is still relatively new it’s growing in popularity extremely quick, so why not get involved early and give the growing scene out!