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Top 3 Alternatives to Staying at a Hotel When Travelling

Are you sick and tired of staying at hotels when travelling? Find out what kind of alternative accommodations are available to you, and make your next trip abroad more enjoyable and affordable!

Best Accommodations Abroad that are Not Hotels

When people plan on going on vacation, they are obligated to book a flight, secure the best method of transportation, and book a hotel. Or are they?

Although staying at a hotel was common practice in the past, nowadays, people are looking for alternative lodging options when travelling. Hotels can prove to be expensive and uninviting, as they often have a cold and sterile air about them. But what kind of options are available to you, and are they good enough?

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Are you ready to find out where you should stay when you’re abroad?

Top 3 Lodging Options

So apart from staying at a hotel, where can you stay while travelling? Are there any good options out there?

  • Short-term rentals – You’re probably familiar with Airbnb, as it starred on social media and the news for a while. That sort of platform will allow you to rent anything from single rooms to entire homes and apartments. Although they are not the cheapest option on the market, short-term rentals are homey, and they allow you to feel like a local as opposed to a cheesy tourist.

By staying at such a rental place, you will be able to have access to a kitchen, therefore saving some money on dining out. In addition to that, you will be able to meet new people and learn all the best travelling tips known only to locals. If you are worried that this is not the safest travelling option, you can put your mind at ease. Platforms such as Airbnb do their best to vet homeowners and provide you with the most spectacular travelling experience with as little fuss as possible.

  • Rent an RV – Clearly, there are pros and cons to getting behind the wheel of an RV. But many budget travel enthusiasts simply want an answer to the question “which way is cheaper, RVs or hotels?” For purposes of simplicity, the term “RV” here describes a variety of choices: motor coaches, trailers, pop-up campers, and fifth-wheels among them.

The key Question is : Should you buy or rent? It’s often wise to rent an RV for a long weekend trip that doesn’t take you too far from home. In late summer and fall, dealers sometimes offer time-limited deals. This allows you to try out an RV without spending as much money.

  • Home exchange – If you’re going on vacation, your house will probably sit empty for a while. So why not make the most of it and use your home to get free accommodations abroad? Swapping houses with vacationers from other countries will allow you to use all your funds for the sole purpose of having fun, instead of paying loads of money for a hotel room you will rarely see.

Although this lodging option is free, it is also the riskiest one: after all, you are welcoming strangers into your home while you are on the other side of the world. If something happens to the house on your end or theirs, the owner’s won’t be around to solve the problem. Plus, you have to own a house to exchange it, which means this option is not suited for everyone – mostly, the younger generation. But if you have a little faith and you trust the home exchange platform at your disposal, you will be able to have a cheap vacation that you won’t be able to forget.

  • Hostels – If you prefer to deal with big establishments rather than communicating with private homeowners, staying at a hostel is your best bet. Much cheaper than the average hotel, hostels allow you to rent a private room or share a room with other travellers. You will have access to a communal kitchen and lounge, where you will be able to meet other vacationers such as yourself.

Hostels are the perfect location to make new friends, and since they are inexpensive, it is the perfect solution for backpackers and travellers with a low budget. But it should be noted that some hostels are not the safest places, and you have to be careful. So read as many reviews as possible, and find a hostel that seems secure and comfortable enough.

Get Your Passport Ready!

Staying at a hotel while travelling might have been the most popular option in the past, but nowadays, you have lots of other lodging options available to you! Are you ready to set out on a vacation of a lifetime?

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