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Advantage Gambling Traveller Tips

As a professional gambler and advantage player, you may need to travel to casino centric cities like Las Vegas quite often. This article outlines some traveller tips that exploits the innate characteristics of airports, hotels and casino that will ensure you have a safe uninterrupted expedition in the gambling cities.

How to bypass security hurdle?

You want to take a low profile when travelling, particularly in airports. So anything that pits you against the airport security, is a no-no! Observe the following:

Book your ticket in advance: All airports are curious of last minute tickets and their agents flag this for increase inspection. To stay out of trouble, plan your trip and you’re your ticket early.

Buy two-way ticket: One-way tickets are often suspicious. If you are leaving your home city, you are definitely coming back, but if you don’t you’ll need to explain.

Use cards for air tickets: Using credit or debit cards is normal. Huge cash transactions raise eyebrows. It’s like you are hiding your identity and so it will be flagged for further scrutiny.

Make a habit of using frequent flier numbers. This move will help you rack up points to earn free flights in the future, and you become a common face so you are likely to go through without much hassle.

Keep your player cards in carryon bag or a sealed envelope. Since you may be travelling with multiple cards, you don’t want to get in trouble with the security personnel. In sealed envelope, the cards are safe as the officers can’t open it without a warrant.

Carrying Cash

Carrying a large some of money may put you on the spot. But only when it is noticed. You can comfortably carry $100,000 without inviting trouble. You can transport the cash in sealed envelope.

Alternatively, you can arrange them in bundles of 5,000 in various pockets in your jacket. However, for this to happen, you must never trigger an alarm that will induce a physical pat down. So remove watches, belt, glasses or any accessory with a metal on them before you walk through the metal detector.

Lawyer’s letter

Having a letter from a lawyer clearly stating you are a pro gambler is enough to deter the overzealous security officers.

Where you Stay and Play

Never play where you stay. You might get evicted, and it could even spell more trouble if you had travelled with friends or family, as they too would suffer the consequence. Instead, plenty of websites offer gaming today. You can play online easier than ever.

Avoid using your photo ID to check in. You could get a local friend, who is not playing, to get you a player’s card to use.

Don’t pay for incidental charges with a credit card. Instead use cash or say choose a package that doesn’t include room service, or pay per view.

Leaving Casino City

You’ve had a successful trip. Now you are leaving with more money than you came with. Employ the same tactics. Unlike entering a casino town, leaving with copious amounts of cash and players cards through airports is relatively easy.

As an advantage player, travelling is inevitable. You don’t want anything to stand on your way. Abide by these guidelines and you will always have a quick, quiet and successful trip.