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Modern to Authentic 5 Types of Carpets to Add Warmth to Your Living Room

Your living room welcomes everyone into your home. It’s where you spend most of your time as a family, and where your house becomes something more than just a house. So when it comes to choosing a type of carpet or rug to add to your living room, you want it to make the room more inviting and comfortable.

There are a lot of industry terms that carpet manufacturers can agree on, like cut pile (how the carpet fibers are trimmed), or texture words, but there are not generally agreed on TYPES of carpets. There are however types of textures and materials! Knowing the quality of the carpet is pretty much all that matters when it comes to bringing positivity into your home!

Adding a sense of warmth to your living room sets the mood for the entire house! Finding the right textures, the best materials, and the best cut of carpet will really help to create that cozy feeling we all want in our homes. Here are five types of carpet that will make your living room feel all warm and fuzzy!

Textured Carpets

Textured carpets are great for adding a bit of spice to a dull room. If your living room is in need of a bit of sensory fun, then a textured carpet is for you! Made in a way that is meant to hide foot traffic, textured carpets are also great for busy homes. They are an extremely modern type of carpet that will bring the sense of originality to your house!

The cut pile is meant to be uneven to keep the carpet from looking disheveled after it’s been walked on. This type of carpet makes the daily steps you take through the house seem like nothing at all! Keep the heavy traffic areas looking like new, longer, and keep your living room looking progressively cool.

When it comes to changing up your home, there are lots of ideas to make your house cozier! Textured carpets will not only hide the wear and tear of daily use better, but you can get them in neutral colors, earth tones, or any color you want! This way, your home will feel relaxed and completely inviting!

Other textures like ribbed, cut and loop, and even carpet tiles will all demonstrate your modern sensibilities! With textures being a prime trend for the upcoming year, you’ll want to stay ahead of the game! There are so many options that will add to the atmosphere of your home, narrowing down the right texture will be so much fun!

Recycled Carpets

Now that millennials are homeowners and creating a need for more environmentally sustainable products, recycled carpets are the flooring trend that just keeps on giving! Bring a sense of calm with a green and eco-friendly recycled carpet.

There are a lot of carpet companies that are not only making more sustainable carpets with recycled materials, but are making their carpets easier to recycle! You can even get a carpet created entirely from plastics! Celebrate the planet by purchasing a recycled carpet for your living room!

With younger homeowners making up so much of the market right now, your resale value will skyrocket if you put a recycled carpet in your home! Recycled carpets are a simple and conscious way to create a home that gives back. They look amazing, they feel amazing, and they will cut your carbon-footprint!

Plush Carpets

There’s no better way to add warmth to your home than by making everyone who enters your living room feel comfortable. Plush carpets are made to be just that, plush! Their texture is meant to be incredibly soft and will make you want to spend all of your time hanging out on your living room floor!

Plush carpets are like walking on a little piece of heaven! They are great to lay on, play on, and cuddle up to watch a movie on! Plush home flooring is an amazing way to add another level of coziness to your home.

Plush carpets come in all the colors of the rainbow and can be manufactured by most prominent flooring companies. Made to be incredibly gentle and velvety, here are just a few ways you can enjoy your plush carpet:

  • Playing with your pet!
  • Watching a movie
  • Plush yoga!
  • Board games and card games
  • Laying down to listen to music
  • Playing with your children
  • And so many more activities!

All of these living room activities are made that much more filled with affection because of the comfort level provided by the plush carpet!

Saxony Carpets

This type of carpet is extremely soft and extremely plush. Saxony carpets are made to look and feel elegant and refined! They have an even cut pile, meaning all of their fibers are cut to the same length, and they are most commonly associated with formal rooms.

However, the Saxony type of plush carpet isn’t just for the rich and ceremonial! You can add these extraordinarily comfy carpets to your living room to make it the one room in the house that no one wants to leave! Saxonies are generally smooth, almost like a thick fur, and will take the comfort of your home to a whole new level!

Though they are the extreme version of a plush carpet, Saxony carpets are known to show track marks, footprints, and furniture marks really easily. Meaning you’ll have to vacuum and clean your carpets more often. Since Saxony carpets tend to be on the more expensive side, you should have one of the best carpet cleaners on the market to take care of your investment! Keep the living room plush and comfortable by keeping it clean and cozy!

Organic Woven Carpets

There are somethings that can’t be bought, like peace of mind! Knowing that you care working to create an eco-friendly home will add a depth of love and kindness that will radiate throughout your entire house! That being said, a great way to ensure your home is filled with warm-heartedness is to have an organic, environmentally responsible carpet.

Manmade chemicals and textiles make up the majority of carpets on the market today! Your home is your sanctuary, so why not make it as comfortable as possible with an organic carpet? Not to mention a woven, wool carpets will create a more authentic look in your living room! Celebrate authenticity and bring your home to life with an all-natural carpet!

Put your mind and your body at ease with a type of carpet that will not only look fantastic in your living room, but will be a constant reminder to be kinder to the planet! There are so many companies now that are focusing on all natural dyes, materials, and chemical-free carpets.

Organic wool carpets will bring a caring nature into your home that you will want to keep around forever! They are absolutely stunning pieces that will make your living room a place of warmth and make you feel good about your impact on the planet! Adding natural materials to your living room will enhance your connection to nature and create a sense of unity within your home!

Warm and Cozy!

When you really think about it, you use your carpet for so many things. Whether you chose a textured carpet, an organic wool carpet, a recycled carpet, or a plush type of carpet, it should add warmth to your living room! Welcome your friends and family into your loving home by choosing a carpet that will make your home a happy place to be!