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Still Using Old Mattress? Here Are The Risks Involved!

Change is a constant thing, and at our homes, we enjoy bringing change every now and then. Be it a festive season, or a birthday month, most of us are excited to get our hands on the new things which are used to decorate our homes. Our drapes must match the color of our walls, the bed linen should compliment the light arrangement and such. We are always trying to make it perfect! However, we fail to provide a similar sort of attention to everything. While most of the house, starting from our bathroom to kitchen all is going through renovation, we never feel that it is important to check the health of our mattress.

Year after year we are sleeping on the same old rugged mattress with absolutely no care. However, we are spending a lot on the other things. For example, we buy bed linens every now and then. Just spread on the mattress, add a few fancy silk cushion and give your home a boutique finish. However, the story doesn’t.end there. Do you know that your old mattress might be getting you sick? Are you aware of the issues linked to your old mattress? Well, if you don’t, then this article is a must read for you. Here has mentioned some of the health risks involved in using old mattress.


Your old mattress is the home of multiple bed bugs and dust mites. These creatures feed on the dead cells that your body sheds (We know the process sounds really gross). According to recent statistics, many people are allergic to bed bugs. In that light, many people are suffering from allergies due to their own mattresses.

Additionally, dust mites can lead to skin diseases such as eczema, respiratory tract infection and can also damage your lungs. Thus in order to get rid of any of these problems that you might be having, consider changing your mattress.

Old Mattress and Back Pain

This is yet another very common problem related to old mattresses. Back pains are directly linked to old mattresses and can be one of the major reasons why you are not getting a sound sleep at night. In a study conducted by the Oklahoma University, people who reported back pain issues were asked to change their mattress every five years. After they had replaced the mattress many of them reported reduced back pain!

It is important to look into the type of the mattress while you are out purchasing one. If you already have a back pain issue, get a mattress ranging from medium-firm to firm.

Old Mattress Leads To Snoring:

Do you snore a lot? Have you consulted many doctors for the problem and still have not got any fruitful result? Well, your snoring problem can be related to your old mattress. If your mattress does not support your body properly then your tissues may be under tension, in fact sunken. Under such conditions, snoring is a common phenomenon. As a mattress gets old it takes the shape of the body and blocks the airways which lead to snoring.

Old Mattress Leads To Heart Issues:

Sleep is the magic potion for your body. A fully recharged and fresh body can keep multiple diseases at bay. However, if the body fails to get the right amount of sleep required to keep it going, problems may arise. Of all the problems that can occur, a heart problem is the most common one. It has been noted in multiple studies, that people who do not get the prescribed amount of sleep end up having heart disease most of the time. In that light, for a good night sleep, a good and new mattress may be required.

The weakening of the Immune System:

As known by all, your immune system protects our body from foreign elements, thereby helping us to keep diseases at bay. However, if you have a weak immune system you are susceptible to disease. That way regular cold and other illness which you could fight easily before becomes a regular disturbance in your daily life. As proven by many studies, a proper sleep has a huge role to play in keeping the immune system strong. If you are failing to get the right amount of sleep due to the stiffness of your old mattress it might be just the right time to change it

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