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Top Reasons to Go to Asia

For all those who have been around the world or are fond of traveling, even Europe is not as appealing as Asia. Adventurers, hikers, climbers,and travelers would prefer Asia over Europe or even Australia because of the attractions and natural splendor. Exclusive to Asia is the history, the highest peaks and quite frankly, the most area any continent has. It wouldn’t be surprising if people are appealed by the 14 highest peaks of the world, 9 of the world’s tallest buildings and the most popular tourist destination, Thailand. As a matter of fact, there are countless reasons as to why Asia is unlike any other continent to be in whether you’re going with your family, your friends or your loved ones.

The Climate:

Asia is home to literally, all sorts of climates and weather conditions. You can find temperatures dropping below zero in some parts of the continent while some parts are as hot as 50 degrees. If you’re looking to have fun in the sun, stay near the southern side that has the Himalayans bringing the monsoon climate. You can experience a lot of fun in the autumn festivals of Nepal, India and other South Asian countries and go towards the North or the Eastern side that has all the popular sites of the world. Thailand alone is the most visited country in the world along with Singapore and Malaysia.

The Sights:

If you have ever been to Asia, you can understand the fuss about the beauty there. Be it China’s Zhangjiajie containing those mysterious yet mesmerizing quartzite sandstone columns or the Phi Phi Islands in the Philippines. The remote locations and hot destinations are nothing short of the most beautiful and desired places on Earth. Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia is another gorgeous location that should be on your travel checklist along with Indonesia’s Mount Rinjani. You can find yourself having the most wonderful time with your loved ones making it an ideal travel choice for a honeymoon as well.

The Life:

For those of you who are looking to go to Asia for a slightly longer time than just a tour, you should consider some things. Asia has the most populated countries in the world, i.e. India and China. Although other countries also have a massive population, that does not mean that the culture or the traditions are not present. You can be in Asia for a year and never be bored or looking for something out of the ordinary because all around, extraordinary things are happening. There are conventions and historical customs followed throughout the continent that are nothing less than a very intense movie to watch. You can find the people to be very hospitable towards foreigners and the governments very friendly and supportive of tourists. Try living in India, Pakistan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia or even Laos.


Asia is a continent filled with exciting places, top-notch entertainment, and adventures like you have never imagined before. It is also home to some of the most dangerous places on Earth like K-2 where even phone and text message tracker don’t work. Be sure of what you want to see and where you want to go in order to have a fun vacation without surprises.