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How to Quickly Sell Your House

So you’re ready to sell your home? Great, there are a few crucial steps you should keep in mind to help prepare you to sell your property.

Get an Appraisal

Having a professional appraiser and real estate agent advising you on your property is essential. An appraiser will give his or her professional opinion of your home’s worth. Perhaps more importantly, says Pro X Management LLC, a real estate agent will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and recommend a potential listing price.

What’s a CMA? Basically, a realtor will Investigate the current local real estate market to decide the price that you should sell your home for.

Have Your documentation in order

If we want to sell our house fast it is important to have all of your paperwork ready once you find a buyer. The documentation will be requested by any of the potential buyers, agents and lawyers to find out the status of the home.

We will title and deed registered in the public registry for the property. This is important, for example, if it is an inheritance since the house will be in the name of a deceased person.

How to prepare your home for sale

Just as when we meet a person the most important thing is the first impression. It’s the same when seeing a house for the first time. If we want to sell our house fast, it is essential that potential buyers fall in love with it at first sight. The appearance of the house will be in many cases more important than other details.

Staging a house is one way to help present your house in the best light. It is a technique of the real estate market that consists in making some changes in the house to make it more attractive for sale. The changes that can be made quickly and usually for less than a few thousand dollars.


When someone visits our house to buy it we have to take into account that they want to envision it being theirs. They will see the potential of the house to make it a special place. That is why it is important to remove personal things like photos and pictures, and leave a more neutral decoration that everyone can like. In addition, if it is a minimalist decoration, visitors can focus on the characteristics and condition of the home.

Lighting & Cleanliness

Natural light is important so be sure to show your property during the daytime on a sunny day if at all possible. It is important to perform a thorough cleaning, especially of the kitchen and bathrooms. Be sure to clean up any grime, dirt, and repair any dings and dents that may have occurred over the years. We can also place an air freshener or some flowers that will help us make the house smell fresh.

Quality photos

You may decide to list your property on Zillow, or any other popular website for people looking to buy homes. it is very important to add several photos of different parts of the house so that the user can see the full picture.

The key is to take some good photos (ideally with a professional photographer) that bring out the best of the house and with good lighting. You can add an image of the facade, the portal or other elements of the building if they are going to be an incentive for the buyer. Post the picture of the exterior of the house first. You may want to power wash the exterior walls and invest in some landscaping to make sure the bushes and grass is well taken care of too.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when preparing your home for a potential sale. Be sure to work with a professional real estate agent to help ensure you sell your house quickly and for the best price. Good luck!