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Quality Translations – Are They Hard to Find Online?

There are a lot of ways to translate documents – hire a professional translator, do it yourself or use online translation services. The quality and the accuracy will differ depending on who does the translation. Nowadays, the most common translations you find online are machine-based, and inaccurate.

Is it really possible to find high-quality translations on the Internet?

When it comes to hiring professional translators, let’s take a look at TheWordPoint website. Here you can find great translation services provided by highly experienced translators. If you’re on the fence about where to find thorough and detailed translations, click on the link above and check them out. They are a team of professionals ready to tackle translation projects and apply themselves to translating various types of documents.

If you decide to do the translation yourself, it means that probably your biggest motivation is to save money. It will probably be a lot cheaper but bear in mind that translating is not easy. It may seem like it is an easy job to create a quality translation from scratch, but it is highly likely that you won’t know the terminology and don’t have the skills necessary to translate. These skills include writing and computer skills, cultural and terminological knowledge, discipline and advanced comprehension of both languages.

The next way is to use some online translation service to translate your documents. Google Translate is quite popular among people who need a quick translation. The quality of translation done by this online tool is questionable. It sometimes translates too literally (word-for-word translation), can’t recognize idioms and collocations and the translation is meaningless, even incomprehensible.

The answer to the question from the article title is, yes, it is hard to find quality translations online. You need to have experience to be able to translate a text from soup to nuts, and the machines can’t provide high-quality translations that are accepted by readers of the text, let alone accepted by governmental bodies. To sum up, the safest way to get a high-quality translation is to hire professionals, especially if you need legal, medical or scientific translations which need to be certified or notarized.