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Benefits of Using a Letting Agent

When it comes to renting out a home, there is a lot to think about for landlords. Even when you’ve done it before with other properties, it just never gets any simpler to get it properly done – especially if you’re doing everything alone. As a property portfolio keeps growing, so do the responsibilities, which include anything from time management to financial organization, finding renters to servicing boilers.

Growing a property portfolio is akin to taking paternity leave. A landlord does their best to prepare each home, but when it comes time to return to work, they typically employ someone else to assist in looking after the property on a day-to-day basis.

According to an estate agent in Stratford Upon Avon, a good letting agent, on the other hand, is a great thing to consider if you want to lease your property. Whether a landlord owns one or twenty properties, there are several reasons why they should work with a letting agent. Here are the benefits of working with a letting agent.

Your rent will always be paid

Despite the fact that there are things a letting agent will do before you can get to the renting phase, it is frequently the landlord’s main concern. It’s possible that your cash flow may be disrupted if your renter fails to pay rent or other obligations on schedule.

In let-only arrangements, the tenancy agreement is drawn up and the agent will collect the first month’s rent for you. Fully-managed services will ensure that your rent is paid on time and in full regardless of what happens. Here, you will still receive the rent even when the agent is trying to find new tenants for the property.

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All your legal requirements will be taken care of

There are a number of legal criteria that must be satisfied before you can consider renting out your house to a renter, such as gas as well as electrical safety, fire and safety standards, plus Energy Performance Certificates.

Irrespective of whether you’re utilizing the let-only or fully-managed agreement with your urgent, they’ll assist you in addressing this. Additionally, they will keep you informed about any changes to the legislation so that your home remains compliant. Small adjustments recommended by a renting agent may often make a big impact and help you get your property ready for letting. All legal fees will be taken care of if you choose a managed service.

The best possible renters will be located

It’s important for an agency to promote the property extensively since it will help them locate renters faster, but it’s also important that they screen and reference potential tenants to discover the best match.

It’s hard to prevent all issues, but you may rest easy knowing that you’ve done your part. After some expertise, they will be able to spot warning indications of difficult renters and may even have dealt with such a tenant in the past. Fully managed services must include the collection of re-letting fees as well as the expense of tenancy renewal discussions.

There will be an accurate inventory taken

Before someone moves in, a thorough inventory is required by law these days. As long as the procedure is hurried and key elements are not considered, landlords have little chance of prevailing when adjudicated by tenants.

To ensure that you have a complete APIP written as well as photographic inventory, an excellent renting agent will always have properly qualified employees available to do this job for you at no additional cost to you. A third party (in this example, your agent) will be given extra credit for creating your inventory, thus it will be taken into consideration by an adjudicator.

Regular property inspections will be carried out

A renting agency will make frequent site visits to your house to make sure everything is in order. Additionally, you’ll be relieved to know that if you ever need to locate new renters fast, you won’t have to worry about problems like pest infestation or garden overgrowth because of poor management of your property.

It’s important to have an inspection since it gives your leasing agent the opportunity to serve as a go-between for you and your renters. Management fees must be put on hold until new tenants can be located if the property is unoccupied for any length of time at all.

You will not require the services of a handyman in the future

Full-managed agreements eliminate the need for handymen or being inconvenienced by problems such as an overflowing washing machine or the boiler breaking down, as the letting agent provides an emergency 24-hour call-out service for fully-managed properties. As a result, you won’t have to keep a plumber, electrician, or architect on call for small fixes.

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Guaranteed peace of mind

Your time is priceless, and so are the assets you own. Using a letting agent for your first property will save you time and allow you to concentrate on growing the number of properties in your portfolio. If you already own a number of properties, you may relax knowing that each of the properties is in good hands.

Techniques for negotiating

A skilled renting agency can arbitrate and negotiate between renters and landlords. This can assist you in resolving any difficulties that arise early on, as well as relieve any extra stress you may be experiencing.

The more smoothly and effectively your rental investment runs, the more time and work (and money) you’ll save.


Property owners have an uphill battle when it comes to renting out their properties. Although some people are apprehensive about using a letting agent at first due to the costs, they quickly learn that excellent service significantly surpasses the expenditure. The main aspect landlords must consider when choosing a renting agent is the dedication and commitment to client happiness and producing outstanding outcomes. Landlords might profit from working with a letting agent that can not only locate renters but also maintain their property on a day-to-day basis. This post discussed the benefits of using a letting agency, and we hope that it was helpful in explaining those benefits of using a letting agent.

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