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Boost Your Event’s Impact with Effective Banner Strategies

Making arrangements for your event with a fat budget and a perfect program will not guarantee the success of the event. In addition to all of that, you need strategic publicity to reach your prospects and spread the message about your event.

A powerfully designed banner may be all you need to turn the outcome of your event attendance around for good. Whether you’re organising a trade fair, product launch ceremony, new office opening, etc., you need an exceptionally designed banner to advertise the event.

Therefore, this article unveils some effective banner strategies to boost the impact of your events. Working with these strategies and printing the final design at HelloPrint can quantum leap the impact of your banners.

Why Do Banners Matter for Your Events?

Event banners are essential tools for hosting successful events because they draw the attention of the public or a specific target audience to your event. Meanwhile, let’s consider why you need banners for your next event.

Faster results

Event banners produce faster results in the sense that they capture the attention of passersby from the very day they are mounted. This ensures immediate feedback to enable you to plan the number of guests you’re expecting at your event.


Event banners are less costly than other advertising forms. Regardless of the volume of your target audience, the cost of printing an event banner remains unchanged. On the other hand, newspaper ads and online paid ads cost more than banners. For instance, online paid ads can be relatively more expensive, depending on the desired audience reach and the duration of running the ads.


Some banners can be used more than once for events that occur on different dates because the purpose of both events is similar. This is not the case with digital ads; once they have expired, the subscription fee cannot be used for fresh ads.

Common Mistakes with Event Banners

Some mistakes tend to make banners ineffective in boosting the impact of an organisation’s event. Unless these mistakes are identified, corrected, or avoided, the time and money spent on such banners may be wasted. Very sure you don’t want to be in such a state. Let’s consider some of these mistakes. 

Poor colour usage

One of the things that causes attraction and stimulates the attention of passersby is colour. This is a vital aspect of a good banner design. Meanwhile, a good design translates to effective awareness creation about the message of your organisation. 

Colours do not only capture attention but sustain it over a period of time. So, when picking colours for a banner, it’s essential to use colours that match or contrast properly. Your colour choice must also represent your brand appropriately.

Grammar and spelling errors

Sometimes, a design can be eye-catching yet ineffective in boosting the impact of an event because of spelling mistakes. These mistakes may occur in areas such as the titles, means of registration, address and time. Such errors can be misleading.

Inappropriate font styles and sizes

Sometimes, less is better. This is particularly true with banner designs that can only be viewed from a distance or a close range at best; no zoom options. Using too many words prompts you to reduce the text sizes to make them all fit in and therefore ending up distorting the message. Also, extremely artistic font styles may not properly reveal your message to readers.

Too busy design

Your banner becomes ineffective when there is too much information. If the message is not grasped, it cannot be acted upon, and the event’s impact can be poor.

Effective Banner Strategies to Boost the Impact of Your Event

You’re good to go once you’ve sorted out the mistakes mentioned above. But before then, let’s consider some of the effective banner strategies that can boost the impact of your event.

Be clear with your message

One of the most important things to put into consideration when designing and printing event banners is to be as clear as possible about the purpose of the event, which is the message. Don’t try to disclose too many details or use stylish fonts that make it hard to make sense of the event’s central message. Be concise and simple.

Incorporate colour psychology

As already pointed out, colours play a significant role in determining whether or not the banner of your event would draw and sustain the attention of people who should act on the message. 

The message can be as clear as crystal, but the purpose can be defeated by the wrong choice of colours, both for the texts, background, and other items in the banner. So, it’s essential to carefully choose colours that easily communicate the message of your event through emotions and psychology.

Use high-quality images

Images are a common feature of event banners as they tend to stimulate emotion and interest. However, when you use poor quality images, they come out in disfigured, blurry and unattractive forms when printed.

To address this issue, high-quality images should be carefully sourced, retouched, and used in the banner designs before they are sent for printing.

Call to action

Mind you, the goal of a banner designed and printed to advertise an event is to get people to attend. Therefore, you must ensure that your banner includes a call to action (CTA). This will help trigger your readers to take action by either scanning a code, sending a text message, or calling the official in charge of seat bookings.

Pick a strategic mounting spot

To make your event banner effective, you have to carefully select a mounting location where it can be viewed by a large number of people. You could also explore the option of paying a small token to erect it on a billboard in a major city for a specific period of time. This will go a long way to boosting the event’s impact.

Final words

If you’re planning an event, paying attention to the strategies unveiled above to make the advert banners effective is vital. Remember, the banner plays a pivotal role in the event’s impact. 

An effective banner strategy should include portraying a clear message with simple words and font styles, choosing the right colours for your texts, images, and icons, and using high-quality images for optimal printing outputs, among other things.

By avoiding the common mistakes with event banners and adopting the strategies discussed in this piece, you can be sure that your event will make a huge impact.