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How Locks Really Work

Locks are not a new invention – they have been used for over a thousand years by civilizations that sought to protect their valuables and keep items secure. Locks are a part of everyday life now. Every home and office have numerous locks along with vehicles and other miscellaneous items. A local locksmith such as Trinity and Sons Locksmith Charlotte, NC knows every form of lock and how each one works. And a reliable Locksmith Charlotte, NC can dispatch workers that provide 24/7 emergency service at affordable prices.

Door Locks

Locks can be simple or complex depending on how they are made. They come in different forms. There are dead-bolts, padlocks, key fobs, and more. To understand the basics of how locks work, let’s look at some common lock types. These will be combination locks along with pin-and-tumbler locks. Call Trinity and Sons Locksmith to find out more.

Combination Locks

These locks can be found all over the place. They are ideal for gym lockers as well as the lockers of children in school. They are also commonly used for sheds as well as diaries and boxes that hold secret content. These locks can only be opened by inputting the correct combination of numbers. Once the numbers are entered the lock will open, and the valuables inside can be accessed. Trinity and Sons Locksmith has just about any type of combo lock you can think of.

Get Safes Unlocked

These locks contain a wheel for each number in the combination. They each have a small tab, which is referred to as a wheel fly, which sits on each side of it. When turning the numbers on a combination lock, it turns the wheel and lets it connect to another wheel once the next correct number is entered. When the last digit in the combination has been entered, the wheels line up and the lock will release. Trinity and Sons Locksmith Charlotte, NC has an inventory of home safes available.

Pin-and-Tumbler Door Locks

These locks are a little different because they involve using a key to unlock them. They use pins that are spring-loaded along with small cylinders. With these door locks, the key moves the pins up and down to line them up. If the wrong key is used the pins will not align properly and the lock will stay shut. When the correct key is used the pins become aligned with the shear line – the line that must be matched when unlocking pin-and-tumbler locks. This allows the cylinder inside the lock to turn and release the lock. Call Trinity and Sons Locksmith Charlotte, NC to repair hardware for pin-and-tumbler locks or to extract a broken key.

Trinity and Sons Locksmith Magnetic Door Locks

This lock is relatively new. They use a strong electromagnetic force to keep doors from opening. These involve a plate that is attached to the door and also to the door frame. Depending on the type of magnetic lock, the electromagnetic force will either be stronger or weaker, but they are an ideal security option for commercial businesses. The magnetic locks that a Trinity and Sons Locksmith can install create a field of magnetic energy when they are powered by an energy course. This makes the plate on the door become strongly attracted to the plate on the door frame, securing their connection. These locks require power to remain effective, so make sure to have a generator if there is a power outage.

Trinity and Sons Locksmith Charlotte, NC 24 Hour Locksmith Services

Locks are interesting because there are several different types of them that each function differently than the other but are used for the same purpose. Locks are essential in protecting vehicles, homes, businesses, and other areas of your life. Even keeping a diary safe can make a difference in how safe and comfortable your home or office feels. Trinity and Sons Locksmith Charlotte, NC provides automotive locksmith services as well as residential locksmith services. If your own a business, a commercial locksmith in your area can assess your business for any security risks and increase the protection of your assets. If you need a security lock, peephole installation, or vehicle keys made, a Trinity and Sons Locksmith Charlotte, NC is there to help.

Emergency Locksmith at Your Service

If there is ever an emergency, you can count on Trinity and Sons Locksmith emergency locksmith services to provide you with the services you need. It does not matter whether you have been locked out of your vehicle or if you need a safe unlocked, a trustworthy locksmith will have the tools needed to help you.

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