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Online Slots vs Table Games

Table games were in existence long before the first slot game made its mark on the gambling public. All table games have a long rich history that has brought them to where they are today – also try Bonanza slot.

Despite these games being some of the very first games to be played at casinos, their popularity has taken a knock due to the development of online digital video slots. These have taken the gambling world by storm and are now officially the most popular and successful forms of gambling ever invented.

This does not mean that the days of table games are numbered because they are embedded in our culture and will continue to be part of gambling both now and in the future. 

With all forms of gambling there are advantages and disadvantages, so what is the appeal of slots when they are put in a faceoff with table games?

Online Slots: A Closer Look 

Online slots have only been around since 1995 and their development and popularity are unequalled in the history of gambling. It is not clear why slots are so popular but there are a few pointers that can explain their success. 

Slots are not skill-based and since most people want to switch off their brains during their leisure time, slots allow people to do this, and they also throw in some thrills and tension along the way as well. Not all table games are skill-based either, but games like roulette can get a little monotonous over time. Slots however are packed full of special features and bonus rounds that constantly keep gamblers captivated. 

Jackpot Slots 

Slots are now on another level when it comes to potential windfalls, and this is all down to the introduction of online progressive jackpot slots. Players can now win millions of pounds from just one virtual slot spin. 

Themed Slots 

Most slots are themed, and this adds an extra layer of appeal to these games. TV and film-themed slots are loaded with nostalgia and appeal to the fanbase already created by them. Players can experience some fast-paced gambling action with some nostalgia thrown in for good measure. 

Table Games: A Closer Look 

Table games offer a far more sedate gambling pace, and this means that table game players spend less and are at the table longer than those who exclusively gamble in the frantic world of online slots. Games like poker allow players to compete with each other and they can also test a range of their skills on opponents. 

Blackjack can test your counting skills and if this game is played at a table with a live dealer, then the cards dealt are truly random, unlike the questionable Random Number Generator that is used to generate every slot spin. 

Table games tend to have a higher RTP or Return to Player percentage score than slots, with Blackjack being the game that is easiest to win at. Despite this, slots still rule over table games in the popularity stakes, and this is even though slots have the highest house edge of any gambling game, and this makes the success of slots even more mysterious.