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Tips for Successful Ceiling Fan Maintenance

Did you know that Florida is the hottest state in the US with an average temperature of 70 degrees?

Living in a hot climate has real advantages for the health of your body and your mind. However, unless you can control the heat and get the relief you need, it may prove unbearable. 

Do you have a regular program of ceiling fan maintenance? What do you need to know about fan maintenance? Why not read to find out. 

Tighten Up the Basics

While it would be very unusual for a fan to fall from the ceiling, it can be a little worrying when a fan starts to wobble. This is especially concerning if the ceiling fan is making noise

If you spot this movement early, you may be able to solve it yourself. All you need is a safe ladder and a simple Philips screwdriver set. Start by removing the decorative cover where the light fitting meets the ceiling. From here you will be able to see and tighten a number of screws. 

Next move from the down-rod to the motor housing. At this junction, you should be able to see how the blades are connected to the motor and whether they are loose. 

Tightening these screws should mean that the fan runs silently and without the worrying wobble. 

Balance the Blades

If this does not completely remove the unwanted movement from your fan, you can try using a balancing kit. 

A balancing kit includes a clip with a weight and a number of separate weights that come with adhesive strips. The basic idea is that you will try to identify the blade the incorrect weighting. You can correct it by attaching one of the weights to the blade at the right location using the adhesive. 

To identify the incorrectly weighted blade, simply attach the clip to one of the blades at the midpoint. Next switch on the fan and see if the clip corrects the problem. If it does not, move the clip to the next blade and try again. When you have located the correct blade, move the clip up or down the blade to find the optimum location. 

When you have found the blade and the location on the blade that you need to address, permanently attach one of the weights using the adhesive. 

Thorough Cleaning

A thorough cleaning of the fan and its mechanism can do more than just make it look better. A build-up of dust can prevent the motor from working efficiently and contribute to the unbalancing of the blades. 

Simply use a cloth or light brush to remove dust from the affected areas. As always ensure that your ladder is in good condition. You should always ensure that the fan is powered down when working closeby.

Essential Ceiling Fan Maintenance and Much More

Living in a humid climate has real advantages, however, unless you can control the air temperature during the summer months it may prove unbearable. Regular ceiling fan maintenance can ensure that you have the fresh cool air that you need without annoying squeaks and other noises. 

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