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How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Niece or Nephew

Buying gifts for kids isn’t always easy. It’s even more difficult when they’re not your own kids. Most of us hardly ever watch our niece or nephew playing, reading, or enjoying any other activities on a day to day basis. So buying a gift for them can be tough, especially when you want it to be a meaningful gift that they’ll love. 

I’ve put together four tips for buying gifts for nieces and nephews. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration and soon be putting a smile on your little family member’s face. 

1. You can’t go wrong with candy and toys

Sometimes, the simplest answer is the best one. Kids will always love candy and toys, though the latter is more age-dependent. Even if you’re looking for unique gifts for girls and boys, there’s no reason why you can’t make toys and candy a unique and personal gift. 

For candy, hunting down some foreign candy bars that the kids have never tried to personalized boxes of chocolates, candy as a gift for nieces or nephews doesn’t have to be humdrum. 

As for toys, it’s important that you find the right toy for your niece or nephew’s age. Chatting with their parents and checking the suggested age range on toys is the best place to start. 

2. Consider an experience gift

Candy gets eaten and kids grow out of toys, but experience gifts create memories. This could be a subscription for an app or activity that will provide plenty of fun for your niece or nephew for the next year. Or you could opt for a gift you can all enjoy, so you can take them out for the day and grow closer. 

This list of experience gift ideas for kids has so many great ideas – like a gift card for a restaurant or a streaming service for the year. If your niece or nephew has a favorite activity, use this to lead the way when deciding on an experience gift. 

3. Check out the latest trends

Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is follow the lead of others. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Every year, there are lists of the top toys of the year. More often than not, kids also want the latest toys, tech, and games. 

It’s easy enough to find toy trend lists, such as this one from Good Housekeeping. Do your research on any toy you’re considering and make the most of online reviews and videos. Once again, chatting with your niece or nephew’s parents will help you out. 

4. Don’t overdo it

When buying gifts for our niece or nephew, it’s easy to panic and overdo it. My final tip is to remember that as special and important as gifts for nieces and nephews can be, whether it’s their birthday or Christmas, they’ll be getting plenty of gifts from elsewhere. 

As always, a chat with the parents is the best place to start. They might already have lots of gifts planned for their kids and tell you that something small is perfectly fine. Whilst kids will certainly love getting lots of presents, they’ll value one great gift over lots of meaningless ones. 

Buying gifts for family members during the holidays or for their birthdays should be a fun and meaningful process. It’s an opportunity to show them we care – so I hope you’ve found these tips helpful and you find the perfect gift for your niece or nephew.