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How to Decorate a Small Front Porch

Many people struggle when it comes to decorating small spaces. Knowing how to get the right balance of colour and decorative touches can be tough, especially when you want to create a specific atmosphere and feel within that space. The front porch is a space that should feel warm and welcoming, giving a great first impression and painting a picture of what to expect from inside the home. When decorating a small front porch, there are key features that are really beneficial to include, continue reading to find out exactly how to add them to your own porch.

Brighten Things Up

In order to create a space that feels welcoming, you need to have a bright, fresh feel. By brightening up your front porch, you’ll instantly notice a much more inviting feel and find it easier to work with the space available. Refreshing the paintwork within your front porch is a great way of brightening the space. Go for a light, fresh colour to paint the walls and door, transforming the space and instantly giving it a burst of life. Similarly, if your front porch has windows then you should focus on giving them a thorough clean and polish. By focusing on your windows, you’ll notice a huge shift in the amount of natural light filtering in and out of the home and clean, fresh windows will help to keep this going.

Inject Some Charm

Your home is a reflection of your personal style, so you want it to be a true representation. Adding charm to your front porch will help to give people an idea as to what you are like and what the rest of your home is like. One of the best ways to add charm to your front porch is through small decorative features, such as stylish ironmongery pieces like these, delicate outdoor lighting that hangs central and brightens the space on an evening and even simple touches such as your letterbox and doorbell. If you have a consistent style throughout each decorative piece, then you’ll instantly feel your porch boasts charm and character.

Make it Interesting

From the flooring to the walls, you want your porch to have character and style. Even when working with a smaller space, you have plenty of choice when it comes to the flooring options. Introducing some stylish stone can instantly transform your porch area, just by switching up the flooring slightly. If you currently love the ground area of your porch but find it still looks dull, you may simply need to get the jet wash and give the area a thorough clean, you’ll be amazed just how much of a difference this can make to the whole area.

Simplicity is Key

It’s important to remember that when decorating a small space, you need to focus on keeping things simple and not going overboard. If you introduce too many decorative features and add too much colour, things could feel crowded and busy which makes it difficult to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Try to keep your main décor to a minimum, with the odd bold feature to bring the character. From a statement house number plate, or a bold door knocker, you can bring a really aesthetically pleasing touch to the small front porch without making it feel over the top or untidy.